Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I am in a BAD mood.............


I am in such a pissy mood right now. And guess what? Ron cancelled on me......... Gah !! I friggin knew this was gonna happen. I mean, he's nice for helping me out on my Spanish paper from hell, and at least he called me when he found out his schedule got changed. And we've even rescheduled.But it still doesn't change the fact that this fucked up my entire schedule for today. I was up till around 5am this morning working on the paper so I could get it done. I even skipped bellydance class to work on this.

I am also feeling like CRAP. I got the latest little bug going around and I am tired achey and stuffy. Every little thing is just annoying me today. I also have't eaten all day................ Oh well, I'll get over it by tommorow I am sure. Nothing a little sleep, medicine and food can't cure.

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