Monday, November 30, 2009


Good Morning My Little Archers,

So yesterday I was 28, today I am 29. I am a Sagittarius and am true to my sign. I am clumsy and tend to get myself into embarrasing situations, I am too blunt, and I have a twisted sense of humor. I also love to travel and explore the world. I hate being tied down, and I love my independence.

I actually do feel a year older today, especially after all the reflecting and writing I've done all year. I feel like I have a little more wisdom than last year.

I hope that 29 will be kind to me.


Kerrie said...

Happy Birthday hun. Wait till you get to thrity I love my thirties.I think around your age you start to feel comfortable in your own skin.
You don't look twenty nine ( not a fib) xx

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Well Happy Birthday my dear!!!! I hope you enjoy this day and have many more!

Paul Nichols said... wonder you seem so attractive to me. My daughter's birthday is today, too. We have always referred to her as "Energetic, frisky, playful and magnetic." She's smart, too. And beautiful.

Does any of this sound familiar? Hope so.

Happy birthday.

dadshouse said...

Happy birthday!!! For some reason, I thought you "liked" being tied down. In a naughty way... (haha)

Loving Annie said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Senorita,
Happy Birthday to you --
and many more :) !

Hope 29 is a wonderful year...

MindyMom said...

Happy Birthday!!!

PorkStar said...

Happy birthday my crazy and funny friend. I pimped you out on my blog.

29 will be gentle i'm pretty sure... gentle on the way in... twss

Liam said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you.

Happy biiiirthday dear senorita

Happy birthday to you.

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Mike said...

Happy Birthday. Have a great day.

Organic Meatbag said...

Happy birthday, dear!! I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope you are showered with gifts and get pampered like a queen, because that's what you deserve!

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!

I hear Archers always get lucky and I love archers!

(I'm a little bias though being a fellow Sag and all)

Ily said...

¡Felicidades, Chica!

Twenty-nine was a good year for me....I became pregnant with my daughter (not that I wish you the same thing. :)

Enjoy the rest of your night!!

natalie said...

gee Senorita!
Happy Happy Birthday Sweetie!
And thank you so much for being a great friend here!
I wish you tons of love, joy and happiness on this day!

jill botsford said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! Enjoy.. Did you know Grandma Lee was a Sagittarius?

Deine Mutter said...

Meine liebe kleine Tochter - ich hoffe Du hattest einen wunderschoenen Geburtstag mit viel Torte und Geschenken - und ich freue mich schon auf das Wochenende...Sonntag klingt gut. Bist Du dann in San Francisco oder San Jose?
Du, ich habe eine Deutsche Baeckerei entdeckt, vielleicht koennen wir sie aufsuchen. :)

Vor 29 Jahren war ich sehr gluecklich dass ich Dich rausgebracht habe....und jetzt bist Du so eine wunderschoene junge Dame....

Bussi Bussi!!!

Liam said...

All right I really like the new picture . You look great.

Alice in Thunderland said...

hey jumping on your wagon all the way from Porkstar's blog... happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are very cute

Anonymous said...

Wirklich alles in ordnung! Na Du, schones geburtstag und alles gute! XX

dadshouse said...

I keep clicking the pink veil in your new masthead image, trying to launch some belly dancing flash animation. :-)