Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm not small, I'm just fun-sized !

Happy Friday to you my little Dove chocolates.......

Yeah,  I tricked you, hahaha ! I put up a witty little title to lure you in, but I am afraid that I will just be rambling on about my week.

- I got a massage again yesterday. She massaged my face to ease the pain in my joints and it felt sooooooo good ! She also worked out the knots in my upper back and massaged my lower back.

-I had physical therapy this morning. The guy that was riding the excercise bike in front of my while my face was wrapped up in heat therapy was looking pretty good. Thankfully he was too busy focusing on his excercises to notice me stealing glances.

- As you know I started a new photo blog and I've become quite the camera whore. It's fun, and if you look at my blogroll on my profile, you can see all the different photo blogs I've subscribed to from around the world. I already have a few stalkers, I mean, followers.

Anywho, time to make myself useful and get ready for work.

Have a fabulous weekend my little sugary treats. Besitos !


Loving Annie said...

Wow, physical therapy with a view (lol) !
Hope that you have a great weekend, Senorita :)

Jimmy's Journal said...

I didn't get any massages this week yet, but the night is young.


Shelly Rayedeane said...

I always love your titles. Lol.

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Have a wonderful weekend.

Winivere said...

You are taller than me so I must be more fun sized than you. ha ha ha ha
Win =.)

Liam said...

Have a great weekend, you camera working girl you.

Kerrie said...

Cameras make you look at things in a different way which can be really fun. Hope you have had a good weekend in fun size.