Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Randomness

Hello My Little Furballs,

Here is another list of the randomness in my life..................

1.) Yesterday I was looking at pictures and reading an article in National Geographic about the conflict in Bosnia and the conflict between the Bosnians and Serbs. In one of the pictures, I saw a bunch of people in an old bus with building ruins behind them. One of the women looked almost identical to my Austrian grandmother. It kind of gave me chills. It was like I was seeing her one last time.

I miss her a lot, and whenever I see someone or something that reminds me of her, it brings me back to times we spent together. A lot of women seem to wear the same perfume she did at one point, including the woman I live with who is also around her age.

2.) The woman I live with now is in her seventies. I live with her and her husband. She is Persian but lived in Germany for many years and has a lot of European mannerisms. She sometimes reminds me of my grandmother. She said one thing that has stuck with me: "I like to learn new things. It helps me to stay young." She is taking up piano lessons and she practices every chance that she gets. My Austrian grandmother after she retired, use to take up volunteering, crafts, traveling and hiking up the Austrian Alps and cooking for the travelers.

3.) I was watching a commercial on TV for Cherry 7-Up. I laugh at the lengths advertisers go to, in order to peddle their products. On this commercial, they are promoting the Cherry 7-Up as something healthy. Basically saying that it is loaded with antioxidants and that we can.....wait for it............ finally "cherry-pick" our antioxidants.

::cough:: bullshit::cough::

No wonder we are the biggest nation of fat asses. Seriously. Travel abroad, and in most countries you can go weeks without seeing an obese person. With so many gym memberships and Nutrasweet packets and Jillian Michaels products, you would think that we would be a nation of hot Bay Watch babes.

I am so glad that my parents raised us against soda. I do not drink it. I will drink a 7-Up once in a while with my Korean BBQ ribs. I know, it's a quirk of mine. Otherwise, I don't really like it.

4.) I got drunk-texted last night by a stranger. I THOUGHT it was a former coworker, who I've lost contact with. But no, it was some douchebag stranger with the same name. I knew it wasn't my old coworker when he told me he doesn't remember me exactly, but that he would like me to come over because he's so hard. OMG ! I told him wrong number, and to leave me alone.

5.) Ooh, I almost forgot to mention that as I was in the parking lot and making my way to the restaurant for lunch....... there was some little yippy dog barking at me really loud and obnoxiously from a car. I was feeling a little feisty so I took off my sunglasses and told the dog to shut up. What I didn't realize was that the owners were still sitting in the car and looked at me in shock. I just walked on and tried to forget what happened.

Anyway, that is all for now my dear readers................

Besitos y abrazos !


Liam said...

I think a few of the people that leave comments on my blog like the old nip now and again.

*Juliette* said...

Ha! I like to bark back at yappy little dogs too!

Dad.. said...

I think of my granddad a lot! Know who he kinda looked like? Fred Mertz from I love Lucy!! (Pants and all) LOL!! He was quite a character too!

I dig that advice about learning new things. I must remember this one and keep it fresh in mind!!

VERY interesting post, i.e. life you have!

Paul Nichols said...

I never knew either one of my grandfathers...and only one of my grandmothers. Oh well.

And in 1997 I vowed never to drink another Coca-Cola product. And I haven't.

Danielle said...

Drunk text froma stranger is a classic. You should have played along and sent him to a different address. Like a church or something.

Shelly Rayedeane said...

A nation of fat asses. How funny.

I read an article recently which said some scientists have proven when a fat person hangs around skinny people, they will begin to lose weight. It even went so far to say that when a skinny person sneezes on a fat person, the fat person will begin to lose weight. They actually backed up their claims with statistics and stated it had to do with certain body chemicals. Now I've heard everything! Lol. Somebody please sneeze on me the next time I gain 10 pounds of unwanted lard!

Stacie's Madness said...

roflmao. yappy dogs.

I have moments that I think my grandparents are still with me...there was a while ago that I was painting the outside of my house...my grandfather was a painter (residential, not artistically), I SWEAR he was there laughing at me. THEN out of the blue, the wind changed direction and a most beautiful scent of lillies blew my way...that was TOTALLY my gramma letting me know she was there with grandpa laughing at me. They were such gems. People I admired, adored and miss greatly.

dadshouse said...

I usually have my cherries with alcohol... I love a good Manhattan! So now I know there's anti-oxidants in that. I mean, merischino cherries count, right?

Coachdad said...

This was very entertaining... I loved you yelling at the dog with the owners right there. Good stuff!

Big Mark 243 said...

Weird getting that drunk text ... I don't know how drunk that cat was ... sorta suspect it was the co worker who was already 'stimulate'.

What a douche.

You and your Grandmother were close. Hopefully the vibes you have from the couple you are with now mean good things are on the way for you.