Monday, November 9, 2009

Makes Me Mad Monday

Hello My Little Munchkins,

I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I think I will debut a Makes Me Mad Monday, where I talk about something that either is my pet peeve, or something that downright angers me. Stacie from Stacie's Madness has "Totally Ticks Me Off Tuesday". I was going to borrow that, but that wouldn't be very creative, now would it ?

Anyway, here is the madness du jour. I copied and pasted this off my aol account:

Nov. 9) -- In central Texas, there was an outpouring of support for Trista Lathern, a 24-year-old woman who claimed she had breast cancer.
At least $10,000 was collected at a benefit for Lathern, who apparently shaved her head to make it look like she was enduring chemotherapy.

McLennan County Sheriff
At least $10,000 was raised to help Trista Lathern after she announced she was battling breast cancer. But investigators say it was all a scam and that she planned to use the money to get breast implants.

But court records show Lathern has confessed to investigators that she never had cancer and planned to use the money to get breast implants -- something she said she thought would save her seven-month marriage, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported.
Lathern's husband, William, who is the father of her two children, ages 5 and 3, filed for an annulment the day she was arrested, the paper said.
Lathern's story came to the attention of police when she allegedly visited a plastic surgeon who became suspicious of her story and called his attorney, who contacted police, KXXV-TV reported.

She was arrested last week and charged with theft by deception, a state felony, the station said.

This is just downright evil. I think you have to be a sociopath or mentally ill to pull that off.

I have been fooled like this before by a woman I knew and trusted. Not only did she get presents and sympathy, but she manipulated me into getting me to do whatever she wanted. The story here and my experience is kind of similar, actually. But mine lasted a lot longer. And she got away with it.

Imagine how many people pour their hearts out only to get burned. The hurdles people who really suffer have to face, just to get people to believe them. I feel bad for them. I also can't blame people for saying no when asked for charity.

And I think society needs a story like this one to wake them up. So many organizations and people blindly trust people. Words like "charity" and "God Bless" or "cancer" or "children" are no guarantee that your time and money are safe. In fact, this is the best hiding ground for sociopaths or narcissists. They know that in America we are too ashamed to ask questions. It is not politically correct. The people who need charity have suffered enough, so let's just blindly trust them and put money in their hands. I just don't agree with that. I agree with giving, but not in that manner.

Also, I have noticed that the sociopaths in society will hide behind "community service" and "donations" which are good tax write offs anyway. It's a total bargain for them because everyone will trust them and no one will question them because after all, they're doing community service, right ? If you think I am jaded, go ahead. But do you really ever know where your donations are going unless you are actively involved and volunteering ? Even then you sometimes don't know.

One of the best things I did was take a Partnerships and Corporations class and my teacher devoted an entire class to non-profits and just how profitable they can actually be for the organizaton. How easy it is for people to start religions, how easy it is for people to legally solicit you for something that sounds like "a good cause" when in reality it's not the cause you thought it was.

Not all is lost though, and I am not completely jaded. I am just a lot more careful. If I can't afford to give, I don't give and I don't feel like I owe it to anyone. I also donate my time, not money. If someone is truly in need, they will accept my help. And there is no greater feeling in the world than helping someone who truly needs my help. And I am glad to do it no strings attached. I enjoy volunteering and find it to be much more fulfilling than donating money anyway. Also, by volunteering I can see exactly what the organization is doing.

Anyway, that is all for now.

However, here is the image of the day from my neck of the woods.....................

Flower in front of the new Safeway, Milpitas, CA.


Loving Annie said...

Excellent story to illustrate your point, Senorita. Becoming aware, wise and cautious helps to protect you.
It IS a shame when someone gets away with something so deliberately manipulative, deceitful, dishonest, etc.
I like to think (now) that eventually they will have to face God and he won't be fooled or put up with any of their excuses, and then there's a real penance for them to pay... Like maybe they become the victims of a con artist in their next lifetime, so what goes around will have come around...

Good for you for admitting to have things that make you mad, too !
You have more balls than I do -- and you don't sound like you're whining or petty, but clear.
Plus you explain things succinctly and well !

Senorita said...

Thank you for the kind words, Loving Annie !

Liam said...

You may have been taken but only because you have a generous heart. I feel sorry for the person who tricked you. I can't imagine what state their heart is in.

mac said...

I'm biased, obviously ;-) BUT, I never give a cent to any religious organization. If god wants money, he should look up Bill Gates number.....My dad died with cancer. My mom survived (40+ years) cancer. To fake cancer is terrible. Simply put, the woman in your story is a Bitch.

Candice said...

You definitely have to be a cold heartless person to even try an attempt something like that.

I remember a story where a mother received substantial donations and then got caught faking that her own child had cancer.

Read about it here

Danielle said...

I have an EX friend that claimed she had cancer. She doesn't and I am done with her. It's a shame that there are people like this out there.

MindyMom said...

It's very common for sociopaths to mask what they do with 'good intentions' however their intentions are always self-serving and come at the expense of others. Always. Like you said, I'm not cynical - just more aware.

dadshouse said...

That's pretty horrible of that woman! Reminds me of a blogger who said her kid was dieing, then created these blog badges so everyone would display the badge and link to her and raise funds for her kid. I think she didn't even have a kid!

natalie said...

Dear Senorita,
I have a relative who is being visited by one of these phonies so I have questions for you: 1, it is illegal and if so who prosecutes? Do you know? Does the DA do it or the internet police? how do you reach the internet police?
Also thank you so much for your great comment about the H1N1 shots! I'm with you!
p.s. please come by and leave nice comments for our veterans at Lurkynat
thanks! nat