Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

Hello Loves,

Happy Weekend !

Yesterday after work I went out which is something that I rarely do after work. I met up with someone from a travel website I am a member of and we grilled shishkabobs and watched "I love you man". I miss going out.

I didn't get to bed until 3 am, and then I had to be at a meeting at 8 in the morning. I was soooo tired.

But I enjoyed the meeting. It was with my local paralegal organization, and we had a study session for the paralegal exam which is like our mini version of the Bar. I am thinking of taking it, especially since it is like a review of everything I learned in the past two years, and I could use a review. I could also use a legal job. The competition is so fierce out there.

I was supposed to meet up with an old classmate, but I am just too tired. I will, however, be hanging out with Ashleigh tomorrow. I look forward to that.

Anyway, time to log off and continue to be a sloth.

Besos !


Little Red said...

I haven't gone out or eaten shishkabob in ages, but now that I have a new truck, look out!

I'm glad you had fun. Hope you have a good time with Ashleigh today. I'll be at Holland's finishing the Eva painting!

Shelly Rayedeane said...

I hope you have a lovely weekend chica!