Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Year With Senorita

Hello My Little Dutch Cookies..........

I love this photo blog. Basically this person posts a picture a day of different things he sees in Amsterdam. Could be anything. So basically you get a new image every day.

I like the concept and I will start posting entries in the same format, of course amongst my other posts in this blog. Other than my private blog which talks about more personal issues, I don't believe in having separate blogs for separate subjects.

So I will post pictures of things around where I live or where I grew up. So if you were to follow me around I will show you what you would see.

So here is the first image to kick of this concept

New water fountain, Milpitas Town Center


Paul Nichols said...

Nice picture. Wondering if it's something like a whiskey barrel?

I've been thinking of posting pics regularly, too. Stay tuned.

Loving Annie said...

Pretty fountain - I'll enjopy seeing where you grew up or where you live that way, thank you Senorita !

Kerrie said...

Always nice to expand my horizons.

dadshouse said...

Great idea! Love it. As for the Amsterdam blog, there sure were a lot of buildings. Where's the red light district? Where are the hookers? :-) (I'm just kidding)

I liked the barges and canals running through town.

Liam said...

it looks like a giant barrel to me too.. but I think Paul is more ambitious than me.

Dad.. said...

That is a great blog! Every picture is awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with this concept!

natalie said...

dear Senorita, what abeautiful picture! youa re really great at posting good shots! :):)
You're also so photogenic!
p.s. please come by and see me at Lurkynat..
I hope you are getting ready to have a great Thanksgiving! will Dad be along for the ride? hugs,nat