Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hows about a little side of sexual harrassment for ya ?

Hello My Little Kittens,

So today I had sexual harrassment training at work today. I had to read a packet and take a little quiz. Better than those awful VHS videos they make you watch before you get hired. The ones with the bad hair, and the bad innuendos. It's not like the actors in those outdated videos can actually grope or say "nice ass."

Anyway, my company wants us all to know that sexual harrassment can happen to anyone ! Unwanted groping or fondling can even happen to you ! And men beware, you are next. The guy in the cube or the girl in accounting could both come onto you. You never know. The guy may check our your junk in the mens room and the girl could be checking out what you're packing and invite you for drinks in her office.

The examples and pictures in the booklet were priceless. In one picture, an old woman with short curly hair and thick glasses was calling to complain to the EEOC. I was like, WTF ????? Talk about being politically correct. Let grandma know that even she isn't safe, lol. Why don't they just show a picture of an older married man in management, feeling up the young, perky secretary with his wedding ring in plain sight ? Or is that a little to close to reality ?

My favorite example was when a group of all men were talking about booze, women and sex. One of the men in the group felt uncomfortable by all that talk and the book asked us what he should do ? The correct answer was that he should immediately report it to his supervisor, who should then talk to HR. Really ? It's a group of men. Let them talk about their weekend escapades in private if no chicks are within earshot. Who cares. Now we have to hold the hands of grown men ??? A grown man can get his feelings hurt by another guy talking about sex ? Whatever happened to walking away or telling the guy to shut up ?

The paragraph that made me laugh the most, was that you could press charges against a supervisor, if he was harrassing you, and when you come to work the next day, he has to treat you like you never filed the report. In what world does that happen ? Talk about awkward. It's one of those things where it sounds good in theory but should get filed under "keep dreaming, it's never gonna fucking happen."

I am the only girl in my post now. Thank God my coworkers are cool. I offend (not physically) on a daily basis. I can talk like a sailor, and they don't get offended. Even though my former Marine boss tries to act like he's offended.

Anyway, time for me to go for now my cute little hairballs. Here is a little something for you. The first minute of this film is very similar to the VHS I was forced to watch when I signed up at a recruitment agency two years ago. But after that you can totally tell it's a spoof.

Remember, treat others with the respect and kindness that you would want from others. It's the law !

Besitos !


Lil Red said...

We had a full, three-day diversity training when I worked for the Miami Herald and they used the same cheesy, outdated video you mentioned earlier...but again, that was when I worked for the Herald and people still used words like "gang bang" and "menage trois" rather than "threesome."

I remember being one of two girls working for the Dolphins. What a great job that was!! Guys were guys and we could all take a joke. I never got offended to the point I had to report anyone. Even when one of them got too friendly (in a weird way), I told him off and that was the end of it.

Some people go a bit too far with their complaints these days. Seriously, who has virgin ears these days?

Loving Annie said...

sometimes the whole pc thing gets absurd.
There is a difference between deliberate sexual harrassment -- and someone crossing a line that really freaks you out and makes you uncomfortable about being hit on or gropes you or threatens you -- and then the trouble-makers who run to the boss if you've said about someone being a jerk, 'what a dick' in their hearing.

dadshouse said...

I feel harrassed by this line in your post: "keep dreaming, it's never gonna fucking happen."

Tomorrow I want you to pretend you never wrote it!


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

LOL. I had to laugh at this post. You are right in those videos are horrible and totally outdated. They are also unrealistic. I mean come on, if a group of guys are hanging around and they start talking about women and sex is one of the guys really supposed to snitch on the others? Really? Talk about beaing a wuss! He'd be ridiculed DAILY. lol

*Juliette* said...

Great video! And by the way Senorita, I've been meaning to tell ya, it smells like vagina in your blog! Please don't hold this against me. Tomorrow we can act like I never said this, OK?

Whiskey Girl said...

I sexually harrass every male employee I come in contact with on a daily basis. It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Big Mark 243 said...

On the serious note, I would be careful about that crap where you work. All those cats and just one of you are ingredients for something to jump off.

I am just sayin' cause men thinks that girls who are 'cool like that' also are 'cool like that', when all she is doing is being herself.

Big City Dad said...

What if grandma is checking out my junk? Do I need to smack her down or do I take it to HR?

The uncomfortable dude either needs to walk off or grow a set. Come on! No need to be disrespectful (unless you like that sort of thing) but nothing wrong with a little fun. Like girls don't talk that way too when they're alone?

Funny stuff. Great post.

Liam said...

Well I never really had this problem.

Shelly Rayedeane said...

I don't know why I laughed at the "guy in the cube comment". I chuckled at that. Lol.

As far as sexual harassment goes, it never happens to me because I am blunt and tell people when too much is too much.

The first step in stopping any type of harassment is telling people their behaviors are unwanted.

Venting to friends doesn't count either. Lol.

Kerrie said...

We don't need sexual harrassment training where I work. We are pretty good at it already. The answer is to give as good as you get. A praticular guy where I work always says to me " Come sit on my knee and we will see what comes up ", I am not harrasesd by this I just think it's hillarious and tell him " In your dreams " Modern man has not yet infaltrated the small islands of the U.K.

PorkStar said...

Remember, treat others with the respect and kindness that you would want from others. It's the law ! <------ muahahahahahahahahah

Whatevs with that my dear.

I actually have gotten offended by crap guys said, or well, not offended but grossed out and i'd get up and leave, that's why I don't hang out with them fools.

Candice said...

What's that saying?

"You can't sexually harrass the willing?"

or something like that...

Deine Mutter said...

Remind me to tell you about that!!!I went through a class like that and the poor fool presenting it had a hard time with us...at times I was laughing so hard I had trouble staying in my seat!

Sheesh, I am too old for this xxxxx, lol

* Ashleigh * said...

Gotta love the cheesist acting ever! But to say a man should report another man's comments about someone or situation?!?! LAME! He should sack up and move on...

On another note...was Porky mentioned in the packet?! jk Porky