Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blah Blah Blah...................

Hi Kitties,

This past weekend was the first full weekend I've had off in about two years. It was weird to wake up and not have to work on a Saturday. I used the afternoon on Saturday to practice our troupe routine for our dance performance. The troupe leader keeps changing the moves on us at the last minute, and I swear to God I have no idea how we are going to come together and make it work. But either way, I have my own performance after, so if I suck, I can make it up with my solo. Let's just hope the solo goes well.

On Saturday one of my friends came back from Russia and I went to her house to see pictures of her trip. She brought me back Russian chocolate, candies as well as other souvenirs. She knows that I am part Russian. But I wasn't really taught about my Russian side, as my Russian-Jewish immigrant great grandparents died a very long time ago. Plus, my grandfather wasn't in my life that much. We have a rich history. They were Jewish, and came over to Ellis Island during the pogroms, and I really feel that I missed out on learning about them. If the man of my dreams were Jewish I would definitely convert. I will try to visit Ellis Island soon. My friend also offered to let me come along with her and her family to Russia. Who knows what the future holds, but I hope a trip to Russia is part of it.

I also went to the Greek Festival with my friend from high school over the Labor Day weekend. It was a lot of fun. I bought a new red bellydance hip scarf. It can be worn as a hip scarf. Or sometimes old ladies like to drape it over their shoulders like a shawl.

My friend and I watched the dancing, looked at other overpriced stuff and ate Greek food. We ate Gyros, Loukamade (fried donut holes dipped in honey) all followed up by Greek coffee.

The dancers were interesting. Two teen boys dancing and picking up tables with their teeth. It wasn't really my style, but I give them props for doing that. My cousin married a Greek man, and at their wedding the groomsmen were all jumping in the air and doing kicks. I was hoping to see something like that.

Anyway my little furballs, I need to get ready to practice my dance moves.

Bussi !

P.S: It means " a kiss" in German you sick pervs, get your head out of the gutter. Especially you Porky !


Paul Nichols said...

You live such a cool, cool life. Ever thought about rodeoing? You'd be great at any event you chose.

Danielle said...

So jealous that you got to eat Greek food. I love it and can't find a good place here in Colo.

Senorita said...

Thanks Paul, for the compliment.

Danielle, I thought that Colorado was a pretty diverse state.

Here in the SF Bay we have so many types of restaurants. It's easy to take that for granted.

natalie said...

how cool is that that you went to those events!

PorkStar said...

what? I wasnt thinking of anything, i knew what that word meant... you sick puppy lol