Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Little Roadtrip Tradition

Hello There My Little Furballs,

My brother and I usually ride together when visiting our grandparents. It is a four hour drive so we occupy ourselves with music half the time.

This guy here is named Howlin' Wolf, and he is singing Smokestack Lightning. This guy is great. Our favorite thing to do is listen to this song and howl like wolves. I ask of you, my kittens, to please move your paws to the mouse and click on the link and have a listen. Because when you do, you will know why we are howling like wolves while making turns on the windy roads to grandma's. Sometimes we'll play the song again just to howl along with the chorus.

Nothing else is really going on right now. I am getting bit with travel bug. I don't get vacation time until November, and I would like to go somewhere next spring. I would like to start with NYC and visit Ellis Island, and eat a lot of food, and act like a tourist. My last trip anywhere out of state was 2007 when I went to a wine festival in Oregon to drink wine and eat all the crab you want drenched in butter.

NYC is definitely on my list next, and then hopefully an international destination.

That is all for now little loves. Time to go and work on some dance moves. I was working on deflating my ass yesterday. But that is not going to happen. It's just not going to get smaller. What's happening is I am getting a little lift, though which is nice.

Like I said, no secrets between us.



Liam said...

I love old blues. They're hard to find these days. Thanks for sharing.

VJ said...

One of my favs, and I think I've got most of what he put out. An amazing singer & artist. Lots of original tunes too. Recently put out a collected boxed set, but you've really got to love the blues to buy it! Cheers, 'VJ'

Paul Nichols said...

I like them blues. Love 'em, actually. I like your blog, too. I dunno why...honesty, I guess. Humor, sarcasm, wit. Eclectic. That's it: you're eclectic. I've stopped by several times; came from Scarlet's. I'm a lurker, but sometimes I add my two cents worth. Gracias

Loving Annie said...

Oooooowwwwwwwwooooooo :) ! Singing along to great roadhouse music while driving is totally fun !