Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hi Kittens,

So I just had a dream that I parked my car in a lot to watch an awful bellydancer. By the time I get out, I can't find my car. I keep looking for it, and it's nowhere to be found.

Eventually I find out that these guys working with heavy machinery on the building have their stuff in front of my car and won't move it for me to get out.

I beg and plead but the men keep taunting me, and one gives me a phone to call somebody because I am not getting my car out anytime soon. Him and his buddy get in my face too.

For the record, I called Ashleigh, lol.

Then I woke up.

I guess this is what I see in my head after watching Operation Repo late at night. Basically it's a reality show where people repo cars for a living and you get to catch peoples' reactions. The only problem with the show is that it is not even a reality show, but a "reenactment" of events using actors. So disappointed. But it makes sense. I mean, who on earth would consent to showing their face when getting their car repoed ? Also, the way the "actors" do a lot of things that are illegal if they were actually repossessing a car.

Anywho, I shared this little piece of info with you because you are my lovelies, and there are no secrets between us.

Now I must go and get my teeth cleaned !

Besitos ! Muah !




Loving Annie said...

Dreams - stuff that's floating around that is being pieced together on the subconscious...

Hope the teeth cleaning is easy and you are cavity-free :)

Liam said...

Funnily enough my car is a lease I took over that somebody had defaulted on.

* Ashleigh * said...

Awww you dreamed of me hehe. Least it wasn't an ECRACK repo dream - those are worse!

I had a dream about Paint Boy reaching out and touching me. It was the only part of the dream I remember - him and I sitting there and placing a hand on my knee.

"Sweet dreams are made of theeeeeeseee....."

Organic Meatbag said...

An awful belly dancer? Are you sure it wasn't me? It's hard to charm somebody when your pants keep falling down...or maybe that's exactly how you SHOULD charm!