Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday !!!!

Good Morning My Little Snozzleberries...........

So I was rereading yesterday's post and it sounded sad. The topic was supposed to be embarrassingly hilarious, like it came out in the other blogs. But, it didn't come out that. Oh well.............

Yesterday I was practicing some more dance moves and I listened to a new song I downloaded. I can't understand any of it because it is in Turkish, but it is so beautiful and sounds like the man is broken hearted and crying through his voice. Sounds like his beloved left him and I think it's better I can't understand the words, so I can feel it more.

Tomorrow I am going to New York ! If I actually catch the plane which leaves at 6am, which means I have to get up at the asscrack of dawn. I am gonna make sure I am packed by tonight.

I will be gone over the weekend, which is really, really short, but I don't get paid vacay until November so I am making the most of this.

This trip was fairly last minute, and I will be visiting my friend Henry, who I met through this blog 4 years ago. He came out and visited me 3 years ago, so he agreed to be a gracious host this time around. He told me to wear sneakers since we will be doing a lot of walking, so I will be prepared.

And if time allows and he feels better, I really hope to meet Porkstar in person. See if he is really as twisted in person as he is on his blog.

Not much time to do a whole lot, but we plan on going to Ellis Island. I've always wanted to visit Ellis Island and see the Statue of Liberty as my great-grandparents did when they came over over a hundred years ago.

As I've mentioned before, they were Russian/Ukrainian Jews and escaped during the pogroms. My grandfather was 92 when he died in 2006, and he was the last of his generation in the family to pass, and I am glad that I got some information out of him before. No one really knew my great-grandparents because they died in the 1930s and 1940s before my grandpa married my grandma and before my dad or aunts and uncles were born. They are a mystery.

They were your typical Jewish immigrant family, and my great grandpa was a tailor and my great grandma helped run a grocery store. They also wrote a lot of poetry, which my aunt still has. I also know that my great grandma wore the pants in that relationship.

Unfortunately, I've missed out on the Jewish side of my family. My grandpa was an atheist and only considered himself a "cultural Jew". He would make sculptures and design torah pointers. He just didn't believe in the religious aspect of it.

I am going to try and locate them through the Ellis Island registry. It's hard to locate them online. Not only do they have their names they were born with and variations on that, but the officers at Ellis Island shortened their names when they arrived in this country, which is how I have my last name.

My last name is very uncommon so anytime I see another on Facebook or listed in the phonebook with the same name it can usually be traced back to our family somehow to my great grandparents or through marriage.

My aunt and my father have a lot of our distant relatives on Facebook. Although my great grandparents came to America, some of their siblings immigrated to Europe.

Here in the US, it is easy for people to lose track of where they came from. I just don't want to be one of those people who has know idea where they're from. A lot of people tell me they are "mutts" and that's all they can say.

Anyway, time for me to clean up this godforsaken room.

Besitos !


Mike said...

Enjoy your trip and take lots of pics.

Liam said...

enjoy NYC I love the place. I would move there if only I could convice Kirsten.

Hey, don't forget to do some eating at a Jewish Deli they have the best in the country.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Have fun on your trip. I've never gotten up at the asscrack of dawn, but is sounds like it's probably about a quarter to foreplay a.m.


* Ashleigh * said...

You'll have a blasty blast! Don't forget to molest the bull ;) Watch out for tea bagging!

Random Esquire said...

Hope you're having a great time in NYC. -R.

Winivere said...

I was disappointed not to get to see the statue of Liberty when I was in New York last month so you will have to do it for me! How exciting for you! Love you, Win =.)