Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Horrible Ten

Well Hello There My Little Peacocks and Peahens.................

This should be interesting. I snaked this from Kerrie's blog.

My ten horrible once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I would never want to experience again. Boy does this bring back memories, and not in a way that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Anywhore, here goes............

1.) Being stopped by a cop and written a ticket in front of my date who was waiting for me across the street. While the copper was taking his sweet time writing my fix it ticket, my date started flirting with another girl in front of me.

2.)Getting my little 8 year old arm snapped in half by a 6ft man. We were sparring in our martial arts class. I fell, he tripped over me, and fell on my arm.

3.) Getting molested in San Sebastian, Spain by a man with a mullet a few years ago. He approached me while I was on the phone. He seemed nice at first, so we had iced tea together, but he was starting to be a little rude, and I don't know why I even agreed to have tea with him, so I decided to call it a night and leave. I gave him the standard European kiss to say good bye, and he took the opportunity to grab my right breast and give it a "honk".

4.) Feeling really sick to my stomach in Venice after taking an all nighter train with no sleep just to get there.(We didn't sleep because we were afraid of getting robbed) I drank a cappuccino on an empty stomach, and was forced to deal with it the rest of the afternoon, as well the 8 hour train ride back to Salzburg. Did I mention the weather sucked, the men were rude, and some kid tried to steal our tourist map ?

5.) Experiencing my very first kiss with a smoker.

6.) Living in Spain during the month of August with no air conditioning, the Spainiards are off in other countries, many shops are closed and the streets are filled with tourists.

7.) Going on a date with a passive-aggressive and cheap Scientologist who not only duped me into going to a recruitment event on New Years Eve (until then I didn't know he was a scientologist) at the dingy Ramada(he said he wanted me to meet his colleages at the top of Hilton towers). Did I mention that he was too cheap to hail a cab to the event and made me walk a couple of miles at the very last minute in my nice evening gown ?

8.) Getting cornered by a couple of teens and almost getting spit on in the metro in Barcelona.

9.)Being on my own in a foreign country with no idea of how I would make money or find a place to live.

10.) Getting my wisdom teeth yanked out while being conscious. I had to sit there while they cracked my teeth and yanked each one out.

The funny thing is that I have many more, which are going to the grave with me because they are so mortifyingly embarrassing. The ones above are just the ones I am willing to admit to.

And until now, I've never told anyone about half of the things I wrote here. 1,3,5, and 8 to be specific. I did not want to get laughed at or judged for those things, but now I don't care so much what people think. Especially since I am in a better place in my life than I was back then.


Liam said...

You seem to be too trusting. I think that's why people take advantage of you.

I could have given you a few ideas on # 9 but you seem to sweet for that sort of thing.

It's funny you and I are around the same age and we have probably gone through more than most 35 year olds.

Nothing like travelling to make you wiser.

Senorita said...


Most of things happened 4-6 years ago. It's a relatively short time ago, but so much has changed for me since then and I am not the same person I was then. (Except for my disgusting sense of humor.)I don't trust people the way I used to anymore, and I am no longer afraid to stand up for myself.

Being naive has been and still can be sometimes my biggest downfall. My very sheltered upbringing was a huge part of that, but being naive and trusting is also pretty much ingrained into my psyche. I don't just make decisions. I have to think through most of them I make.

Danielle said...

Kissing a smoker would be top on my list of ewwws