Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ten Years Later

Hello My Little Calling Birds,

So I just had my ten year high school reunion. I got my hair done, my nails painted and I went with my friend from high school. My hair looks pretty good. I love my stylist. She hooked me up and I refuse to go anywhere else. She's always happy and has a positive outlook on life.

We have a little tradition when I stop by. I am always vulgar at the salon, and loud enough for the other patrons to hear me and there are a lot of Christians. (So am I, but Jesus would want me to say dirty things). She told me that a couple of ladies complained about me a couple of years back and told her how vulgar I was. Apparently I used the word "cocktease" in a sentence. She simply told them to talk to me the next time I came in. (If they could figure out when that would be). So since she doesn't have a problem and is entertained with my antics, I have fun with the experience. While she was in front of me styling my hair today, I put my hands in front of her chest and made a squeezing motion. Of course I'm not really gonna touch her, but it was hilarious that the middle aged man getting his hair washed across from me saw it and got wierded out. Since she is Asian I also asked her for the happy ending while she was massaging my scalp and told her to go a little more to the left. She then pulled me by my wet hair to seat me in the chair to cut my hair. Fun times my feathery friends, fun times............... And as a result I have hawt bedroom hair.......

When my friend and I arrived to our reunion, not many people showed up. Of about a hundred or so students less about twenty made it. Most probably didn't know, as it's hard to track everyone down. We were notified of the reunion by Facebook, and I don't have Facebook so I didn't know. I only knew because my friend who does have an account told me.

Anyway, I reunited with the group I was friends with in my senior year. We got together and caught up. They were my first real friends.

Growing up, I moved so often, and also I was always the misfit and teased in middle school and high school until my junior year. It was awful. I had no fashion sense (no one taught me any better), I spoke with a lisp (I fixed that), was pigeon toed (I still am) and kids were mean. I was a misfit until my junior year when I went to prom and wore makeup and a tight dress. Then people were nicer.

Unfortunately, just as I was settling in and getting comfortable in the high school I was attending for three years, my parents yanked me out at the beginning of my senior year and put me in a new school, a private Christian school to finish my last year of high school. We also moved.

It was there at my new high school that a group of girls invited me to lunch, and they really had to work at it as I was a loner, but I eventually gave in and joined them. The popular girls were also real sweet, but I didn't know if I was their project, and if they were being sincere. So I didn't sit with them and hung out with the girls who were less popular instead. We are still friends and I still hang out with Shira regularly.

It was nice to see our old group. I also saw my old history teacher who was invited because he felt he had a special bond to our class. A really nice man.

I didn't really talk to many other old classmates, as it was hard to recognize most of them. Besides, I never really talked to any of them in high school anyway. Many brought their spouses so sometimes I couldn't tell who was an alum or who was the spouse. I pretty much stuck to my old group and talked to one or two other people.

Our reunion was at a Bocce Ball hall, so we played a little bocce ball. My friend and I played with another girl and her husband. While we were playing, I was making sexual references to the balls, and she said she didn't know I was so twisted, that I was so quiet in high school and didn't really say much. I guess maybe I have come out of my shell after all. I told her I have blossomed.

It was nice to see what happened to my classmates after ten years. Many got married and seem like happy individuals. I heard through the grapevine that one of our old mates just got accepted into medical school, and another just had a baby.

I was glad that I went, as I was living in Barcelona during our five year reunion in 2004.

As for my life, I got to reflect a little today at the reunion. I feel that I've done a lot, but I feel like the most exciting years are still ahead of me. I just completed my education, I am not married, not in a serious relationship, I don't own property, I don't have any serious responsibilities and haven't settled into my career yet. Anything could happen at this point. I feel like I am in limbo, but I kind of like this for now. It's not a bad place to be.

Who knows how it will all play out, as my life changes so fast. I literally can't determine what will happen more than two weeks in advance.

But I am interested to see how things will play out.


Mike said...

Happy to hear you had a fun time. I would pass on a high school reunion myself. Many of them hit me up on Facebook, but we never interacted. College maybe a different story, but I keep in contact of all the people I want to.

Paul Nichols said...

You're right: exciting years are still ahead, married or not.

1st paragraph: sounds like your are something of a nawty, baudy, hawty. Three outta three.

Dreimal darfst Du Raten! said...

Aber Du warst sicher die schoenste bei Deiner reunion!
Und ich kanns kaum erwarten Dich heute mit deinem Schlafzimmer Haar zu sehen!


Loving Annie said...

Glad you enjoyed hanging out with your friends at the reunion.

You are brave, have had a lot of losses and pain, and keep your attitude open and willing to grow.

Kudos to you, cocktease :)

* Ashleigh * said...

Do you have a pic of said bedroom hair?! I want to see! Glad you had fun at the reunion.

1st test in Physio is on Tuesday...gotta go study now!

Big Mark 243 said...

Reads like you had a nice enough time. Better than I would have if I even considered going to my reunion.

I agree with Paul Nichols ... and will add that you prolly are a 'tease' as well!!