Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My New York Friends

Hello My Little Puppies !

I still have a lot to write about Ellis Island. I experienced a lot of emotions while I was on the island, and took a lot of pictures. I just need a lot of time to get the pictures together and describe all the feelings.

But, for now I will write about who I went to see.

This is my friend Henry. I stayed with him and his mother. He went out of his way to make sure I enjoyed New York. He drove me around, his mother made me food and bought me cookies from the bakery in the neighborhood, and he was pretty much game for whatever I wanted to do. He was such a gentleman and a gracious host. He filmed the trip, held my coat, and paid for the entrance fees to the places we went to. He also made sure that when we were walking on the street that he was walking on the side facing the street. Sometimes I liked to mess with his head and walk on the side facing the street, but he always insisted on shielding me from the street.

This is Porkstar, who is on my blogroll aka Porky. I met up with him on my last day, and together we defiled the Wallstreet bull, and I may or may not include pictures of the things we did to that poor bull that isn't getting action in this bear market.

This is Henry filming me on the ferry. Notice him carrying my coat. Because of him, I have footage of me doing ridiculous dances in Times Square and in Ellis Island. He also filmed me with the Wallstreet bull. While I was under the bull, you could hear him say "Oh my God" !

Well then my little fluff balls, that is all for now. I need to go straighen my hair so it doens't look like a birds nest.

Besitos !




Organic Meatbag said...

Awesome...I'm glad you're having a good time...I've always wanted to visit NYC!

Loving Annie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and a little bit more of what happenned with Henry and Porkstar !

How did your hair straightening go ? do you do that Japanese system thing that takes 2 hours ?

You left a comment on my blog today, and I published it, and it disappeared. Augggh !
I'm sorry your young life was so hard - I understand abandonment and the loss and incomprehension and anger and hurt that come with it.
It's worth noting that you had to have a very strong heart to have survived as you have in the face of all the emotional blows you took.

PorkStar said...

uhm, nothing else happened with chica and porkstar, i can tell you that, well other than fondling the bull together and you getting hit on the head by a pair of metallic testicles, that was a lot of fun.

Tell us what else happened during your visit... hehe

Scarlet said...

How cool that you met up with a blogger and I'm a little confused about the bull action (after reading his comment)...¡ay Dios mío!

Nut it sounds like you had fun and that's what matters. Your friend Henry sounds so sweet. I want to see the videos!!

Scarlet said...

PS - That was supposed to read "But" not "Nut" lol

Jimmy's Journal said...

Nice pics! I'll bet you had a great time in NYC.


VJ said...

Always with the metallic testicles, eh? Irresistible evidently. By everyone. Do a Google images search on it. Everyone including Greenspan is under there at one time or another... Cheers, 'VJ'

Big Mark 243 said...

Wow ... in your pic w/Porkstar, you look like you have hips ... now I would REALLY like to see you dance!

Other than my harmless ogle, you look like you had a great time. Glad you met someone from the blog world, and super glad you had such a wonderful time!!

dadshouse said...

Love the pics! I miss miss miss New York. Gotta get back there soon. Your friends sound great. Wonderful hosts.

Deine Mutter said...

Ich bin froh dass Du eine so schoenes Wochenende hattest in New York.
Ich sollte eigentlich schockiert sein ueber dein verhalten mit dem Stier, aber ehrlich gesagt, mit Dir schockiert mich gar nichts mehr....
was fuer ein netter Kerl der Henry ist....schoen, gute Freunde zu haben!