Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Little Announcement !

Good Morning My Little Snozzleberries............

I've been informed that today marks the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month !

Over at Stacie's Madness, she provided us with a way to make badges to encourage all females to give themselves the monthly breast exam. I showed my support and made myself a little badge. Yes my fellow female friends, feel your boobies ! Group hug time !!!!

You know who else would really care about the cause ? My dear friend Porkstar.......
I made him a little badge for him too because I know he cares ever so deeply about his friends.

It's a little forward of me to be making this badge, but I know that he would help a friend in need, so if any of you ladies need help giving yourself an exam, I am sure he would be happy to help. Willing and able for the cause.

Thank you for listening my loves.




PorkStar said...

hahahaha oh my goodness, thank you. I'm always glad to lend a helping hand, or both (cupped) to the ladies in need... (of a check up) lol

This post totally rocks! lol

mac said...

A few years ago, I was moving out of state. My mother, be a good Mommy, was worried about my employment prospects should I move so far with no known prospects.

I told her " Hey, Mom, no worries. I'm going to get a job at the breast examination clinic, on account of the enthusiasm I have at that job "

She laughed at me and just said "You ARE a silly boy, just like your dad ;-)"

Well, less than a month later, I got a crying call from her. They had found a lump in her breast. I felt like shit for having made, in retrospect, such a crass joke. She seemed not to even remember the joke, but I think she was merely being a Mommy.

It all worked out OK. The lump was just a lump - NO cancer or anything :-)

Stacie's Madness said...