Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My 5 Things and My 5 Words..........

Hello There My Little Sassy Snozzleberries,

I want to play a little game of Scarlet Says. Basically, last week Scarlet gave me 5 words (one of them in Spanish) and I say whatever comes to mind.

But before that, I am gonna tell you 5 random things about me or what I did over the weekend. Anywho, here goes..............

1.) I never liked Miley Cyrus and always thought she was overrated. However, I really love her new song "Party In the USA". I know, she is such a little teenybopper and I am not part of that demographic, but I love her new song. Lord help me.

2.) I had the best steak ever over the weekend. I went to my friend's house and her husband was grilling steaks. It was so juicy and fatty, and it was the best steak ever. It was windy outside and there was no silverware, so while my friend went upstairs to get me a fork, I ate the steak with my bare hands and did not care.

3.) While I was at her house, I watched a Russian film without subtitles. I don't speak Russian, but my friend and her husband did, so they were gracious enough to translate for me. And I ended up enjoying the film. Forget about asking me the name of the film, because I don't know Russian and I can't read the Cyrillic alphabet.

4.)I really, really want to go to Amsterdam.

5.)Today I learned how to say "How are you doing, motherfu*ker ?" in Farsi and actually repeated it to my Persian car mechanic. He was touched.

Anywhore, onto Scarlet's five words..............

1.) THERAPY......... I have actually had therapy, and am not ashamed to admit it. Very helpful, and a good therapist is hard to find in my opinion. But the one I had a couple of years back was one of the best things that happened to me.

2.) PROTECTION......... Ummmm, condom ?? Get tested ? Don't have sex at all ? Stick to loving yourself ? Or how about guns, mace or knives ? I don't know what else to say for this word.

3.) DREAM....... I dream of living a long, happy, peaceful life.

4.) DANCE........ Bellydance, what else ? I have tried other forms of dance like hip hop or Latin dance which is fun by the way. But no matter what, my heart is with bellydance and all the money I spend and all the time I put in it, is for the love of the dance. Bellydance is also a form of therapy for me. P.S: All the womanly curves I have, I owe to bellydance......

5.) And last but not least the Spanish word is...... PASION (with an accent over the letter O).............. It means passion for those who don't know Spanish. All I have to say for that is Barcelona, Spain. I lived life with passion over there. I had some memorable dates over there too, like the time I went salsa and merengue dancing at the clubs. Or making out on the beach at 3am, or going for motorcycle rides in the city, or on the mountain. Fun times. Life was so faced paced over there, and it was hard to keep in touch with people, as everyone seemed to be in transit. But I am so glad I ventured out of my comfort zone and traveled abroad by myself.

Well my little loves, that is all for now. I am sorry I am a little behind with some of your blog entries. But I will make my rounds soon.

Besitos !




Big Mark 243 said...

That is cool that you watched a Russian film ... I watch 'Solaris' on one of the artsy movie channels after seeing the redux by George Clooney ... enjoyed them both.

Therapy helped me as well. Glad that I didn't have to find out what either bad therapy would have been like or what it would have been if I had none.

LOL at your 'protection'. I am going to steer clear of that one!

Paul Nichols said...

You're so colorful and eclectic...I bet you were a rose garden in your past life. Am I right? I always get a kick out of your posts.

Angela said...

Leider war ich in den letzten Tagen nicht viel am computer....aber so oft ich kann lese ich Deinen Blog - siehst Du, ich brauche keinen Fernseher, ich habe Dich! :)

Bussi, Mutti

G.G. said...

Love your NYC pic. Its okay to admit to liking Miley, and having had therapy - it just makes you so much more endearing, Sweetie!

Organic Meatbag said...

Wow, great post, S! Hey, do you think I could be a bellydancer? I mean, I don't know if female bellydancing fans like a sizeable gut on a man, and I'm not sure I'd look good in the outfit, but I have enough belly to share...hahahaha!

Kristen said...

Snozzleberries. What is that. Hopefully it's not close to a dingleberry.

1.) THERAPY...Hmm. Can you say alcohol?
2.) PROTECTION...A sexy hot man. I always feel safer with one around.
3.) DREAM...Someday.
4.) DANCE...Only when under the influence:P
5.) PASION... I want, I want, I want!

Anonymous said...

Finally I got in Phew! that took a while. At this point I will just say hi....I will be back home on the 16th


dadshouse said...

I love steak!

Jimmy's Journal said...

I know what you mean by the Miley remark. I'm a musician and the other day I heard the song by Hanson called "Mmm Bop".

I liked it !


PorkStar said...

oh steak.. ive been craving one of those for the past few days too

Senorita said...

Paul: Thank you. Maybe I was a pretty bed of roses in my past life. I prefer to think I was a bird that laid eggs and shat on people and then laughed at them for rationalizing that it is a sign of good luck.

Orgasmic Meatgag: Your belly is welcome anytime in our bellydance community. C'mon down and show me what you got !

Kristen: I don't exactly know what a snozzleberry is. I just heard of it first on Organic Meatbag's blog and snaked it. Snozzleberries sound so cute and fuzzy, I could not help myself and had to use it.

mac said...

Well then, we all owe belly dance a big thank you ;-)