Saturday, October 31, 2009

Europe and the bathroom

Hello My Little Chinchillas,

I hope you little fur coats had a fabulous Halloween. I have been feeling exhausted lately, so I opted to relax and take it easy. I opted not to spend money on a costume or go out and flirt with those of the male species. They'll get over it.

Instead, I decided to burn some cash by going to Borders. I don't really believe in travel books, but I broke down and bought Rick Steve's Europe Through the Back Door 2010 book.

Europe through the back door ? Sounds like something my friend Sergio would like. Especially since he spend a couple of weeks teabagging Austria, Hungary, Germany and Spain in September.

I am eligible for a vacation in a couple of weeks, and I hope that I will soon be able to visit Amsterdam. I am hoping to make it next February during the winter when flights are cheaper, and there are less tourists. I've always wanted to visit the Anne Frank house. That and her house on Merwedeplein 34, the house she lived in with her family before they were hidden. I know that house on Merwedeplein is closed to the public, but I wanted to see the neighborhood for myself. That house now houses artists that are persecuted in their homelands. Who knows if I will end up going. A girl can dream, right ?

Other than my trip to the bookstore today, I heard an ad on the radio, urging us to use less toilet paper.

First, there was a radio ad urging us to use less water on our lawns. Fine with me. We are seriously lacking water in California.

Then, there was an add urging us to cut our showers down by a couple of minutes. Okay, sure. Cutting down on a shower by a couple of minutes each time does add up to significant savings over time.

But today, the ad by some agency paid by our county was urging us to cut down on the amount of toilet paper we use when pissing and shitting. Okay, now I object ! Dear county of mine, please stay out of my goddamn bathroom and let me clean my backside in private. What's next ? A witty little rhyme "If it's brown flush it down, if it's yellow let it mellow?"

When it comes to wiping my ass, I don't want any instruction. I will use as much toilet paper as possible to get the job done. End of story.

Anyway, time to go use the bathroom.

Ciao for now. Abrazos y besos !


Kerrie said...

Sad to hear you denied the male population your Halloween self but I think the toilet rhyme may well catch on.

mac said...

I went to one of those outdoor all day things. I left early, before most of the "fun stuff" happened. I don't drink and don'lt mind if someone else does. But when folks start getting obnoxiously drunk, I'm outta there.

mac said...

I lived for almost 3 years in Germany. I was 18 when I got there, 21 when I left. I really enjoyed Europe. I almost stayed. But I was young and dumb, and missed my family (I hadn't seen them in Three years). I hope you get to Amsterdam :-)

mac said...

If you do a deuce, and the stool is loose, keep wiping 'til there's no more juice.

PorkStar said...

LMFAO... i was there for 3 weeks, not too, and not only did I dip my nuts into the whole continent but i misght have fisted it too...


Anyhow, to cut down on the wiping? WTF?!?! Now are they going to tell us to use less Kleenex after a wank too?

'da hell outta here..

Loving Annie said...

I recommend double-size rolls of super-soft Charmain :)

Check out tripadvisor for hotel reviews before you go. It may help in deciding where to stay --

Scarlet said...

Borders is the best place to burn cash...seriously. I'm like a kid in a candystore in there. I bought Sundays at Tiffany's yesterday, by James Patterson, but before going there I've started reading my daughter's Twilight book (for shits and giggles).

Speaking of s & g, that is INSANE that they want to control toilet paper use! That is such a personal thing and I believe no one, not even tots, need supervision when it comes to using it until it comes out clean!

Visiting Europe is another dream of day I hope to make it to Spain and Italy!

Paul Nichols said...

That ad about Charmin is called "GxG." Guilt by government.