Friday, October 9, 2009

Meow !!!!!

Hello There My Little Furballs,

This little nugget of me was shot in the parking lot at work today by a coworker. He is a camerawhore with a sense of humor like mine, so we had some fun.

Did you know that I also am able to imitate a cat hacking up a hairball ? Yes my loves, I am that resourceful.

Mommy and daddy would be so proud !

Love, hugs and kisses,


P.S: Unfortunately I can't copy the code here anymore, so to see the clip you would have to copy and paste it in the address box.

Here is the link to copy and paste:

Sorry it's not so convenient, but it's the best I can do for now.


G.G. said...

you are so incredibly adorable!

VJ said...

Interesting. And why do people bring cameras into work with them? The mind boggles. Perhaps he frequents the bathrooms too? But yes, pretty cute for a parking lot ambush! Cheers, 'VJ'

Senorita said...


He didn't bring a camera with him. He brought a cameraphone. Almost every cellphone that is made now has a camera. But those like him who have iPhones can use them to film, which he did with me. In that parking lot he filmed me and then posted it to his website where I went and copied the clip to paste it on my blog.

And while we are on the subject, this man also takes his cameraphone into the bathroom to take pictures of his "artwork" if you know what I mean. He is into potty humor. So yeah, you weren't too far off with that.

He may be wierd and into bathroom humor (and so am I), but he is not a pervert or a lech. He is actually a very nice family man.

Mike said...

LOL. Pretty funny.

Scarlet said...

You're hilarious...and I love your taste in purses! :)

PorkStar said...

hahahahahaha nice vid...

Wasn't that the purse you bought in China Town in NYC for like 10 bucks? That's good shit huh? lol

Anonymous said...

Nice real photography. Reality is best.


Winivere said...

MEOW! LOL @ your description of the family man... Maybe the best place to meet men is in the bathroom? ha ha

Shadowdancer said...

Yo Sandra,

The video is of you pitching a 'hissy fit'... not coughing up a Hairball. Trust me on this... Sweetums has schooled me very well.


Senorita said...

Hi Dad,

I know that I was pitching a kitty hissy fit. Me imitating a cat hacking up a furball is an entirely different act that I don't plan on airing to the public anytime soon.

I guess how I worded the entry is a little confusing.

Say hi to Sweetums for me.

Organic Meatbag said...

Hahahaha! I loved it! Kitty certainly does have claws!!

Deine Mutter said...

Und das ist meine Tochter!!! Ach du liebe Zeit!

VJ said...

Yeah, I knew that, but the thought still applies. Why do that? And the bathroom bit? Just a guess. About all those 'good/nice family men'. Always. Watch 'em Closely! Cheers, 'VJ'

mac said...

So, I'm 8 months late seeing this.

You are so damned cute !!!