Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Bull In Bear Market

Hello My Little Loves,

The Wallstreet bull is very lonely and sad in the current bear market. So Porkstar and I decided to cheer him up. After all, two people are better than one, right ?

Looking for something ?
The man behind him is simply fascinated at how far Porky's head goes up.

Porkstar and I make it a team effort and show the bull some love together.

In an economy like this, the bull can just kiss my ass !

A nice side profile of our new animal friend.

Oh, and thanks to Henry for holding the camera and capturing this little moment in time.


PorkStar said...

Those balls were cold yo, seriously, no wonder they were all upthere and hard, it tends to happen when is nippy out. lol

I've been told my head is quite big and for it to have been up the bulls' ass, it means the ass had one gigantic gaping orifice.

With all the people fondling it, I can see why.

Did i just pimp myself out as having a big head?


Anonymous said...

We know you have a big head Pork, but it's the one above your shoulders we are talking about... the other one... you only wish.

Scarlet said...

You and PorkStar know how to have a good time! Can you send that bull to Miami?? It'd have some good times on South Beach!

Deine Mutter mit rotem Gesicht said...

ach du liebe zeit! Und so was veroeffentlichst Du noch! Genierst Du Dich gar nicht!

Ach was sag ich denn, Du weisst ja nicht was genieren heisst....

ist ja wurscht, hauptsache du hattest ein schoenes Wochenende....

Viele bussi, deine Mutti

PorkStar said...

I so totally understood some of that German... oops, sorry Sandra's mommy... she didn't embarrass herself at all, she had a very very good time. I' on the other hand, did embarrass myself quite silly.

: )

Anonymous said...

Fuer Porkstar: danke dass Sie der Sandra New York gezeigt haben und dass Ihr alle Spass hattet.

Herzliche Gruesse,

Sandra's mutter

PorkStar said...

Sandra's mutter:

Bitte schön

A good time was had by all.

: )

Stacie's Madness said...