Friday, October 9, 2009

What I Think and What I Thank........

Hello My Fierce Felines !

What I am thankful for..............

1.) I am thankful that my parents raised me against soda, and fast food. I was taught that soda was like liquid Satan and we never had soda in the house growing up. Looking back, they did me a favor.

2.) I am thankful that my mother never tried to be my BFF while growing up. I am glad that my mom isn't by my side trying to pick up men with me, and that she doesn't wear pants that say "Juicy Booty". I watch these reality TV shows where these young girls have mothers that pick up men young enough to be their sons and I am just so glad that my mom isn't like that. In fact, I recently had to explain to her what a cougar is. Her response was "Well, I could never !" Bless her heart !

3.) I am thankful that I finally got to experience New York City. I never thought that I would actually follow through and do it.

Now on to some of what I think...................

1.) Clear Blue, the maker of pregnancy tests has a commercial out on TV. Basically, the male narrator tells us WOMEN that 25% of us misread our pregnancy tests. How grand ! Someone with testicles is telling those with ovaries what female product to use. Why doesn't he just tell me to stop using tampons and use pads with wings instead????? I don't know why the company thought it made sense to use a male narrator to inspire women to buy a Clear Blue pregnancy test. I mean, if you're gonna do that, at least have a hot naked manly man posing with it or something. But no, instead what they do is have a man talking to us in some bullshit educational tone about how we misread our pregnancy tests. I wish I could tell him to shut up and go look up statistics on jock itch instead.

2.) Macy's is having a Columbus Day Sale. Who the hell cares about Columbus Day anymore ? Especially since Columbus day has become one of those politically incorrect holidays because there is a debate of whether Christopher Columbus killed Native Americans. So why is Macy's choosing this day to advertise a sale ?
And since when does Macy's care ? Why don't they just say that they are having another sale like they normally do ?

3.) I love watching Real Houswives of Atlanta aka the real housewhores....... Kim Zolciak on that show has basically become famous for dating a married man, and having her own single, without even really being able to carry a tune, thanks to autotune. Seriously, what a waste. There are so many talented people in this world that will probably never be on TV, that the public will never know about.

That just shows you that life is not fair. It's not all about talent anymore. Apparently according to Bravo TV which airs the show, being famous is all about who you know and who you blow.

So that is all for now my little furballs. Besitos ! Muah !



Scarlet said...

LOL @ #2 (what you're thankful for). My mother wouldn't be able to walk out of the house in pants that say "Juicy Booty!" Are you kidding me?? I know you're much younger than I am, and your mom could still pull it off, but my mother's in her late 60s...imaginate! She still dresses young, but no, hootchie mama is NOT her style. THANK GOD!!!

Btw, I'm going to explain what a cougar is to my parents tonight over dinner. It's important that they still learn something new every day.

"How grand! Someone with testicles is telling those with ovaries what female product to use." Chica, that's hilarious! :D

VJ said...

1.) OK why does 'Clear Blue, the maker of pregnancy tests have a male narrator? Because they need one. The guys are often the ones running to the store to get the item, and they have to be absolutely certain what it is that they're looking for. And hence the calming educational tone. A woman would not cut it. They'd be all involved thinking the woman on the TV was coming on to them. Women viewing might also be put off by another woman (possibly their mom's age) telling you which one to buy too. And younger? That has slightly different connotations for the product too, (despite the clear usage trends), that they might not want to emphasize. Ergo the guy stands in for the issue.

2.) Columbus did not discover America, Vikings did in about ~1000AD, but it was just Canada, so perhaps that never counted for much, eh? But the Caribbean? That's somehow different, right?

3.) Living in Atlanta, one of the things I'm most proudest of is the fact that I've never seen the show. And that we got rid of Newt. And that I can be drafted (tailgated) going through Newt's old district on I-75 doing 95MPH.
Have a fun weekend! Cheers, 'VJ'

Senorita said...


Interesting explanantion on the pregnancy test. I didn't know that men are usually the ones buying this item. I couldn't imagine sending out my boyfriend/husband to buy it for me.

I put that in the same category as tampons. Products that men know exist, but don't really need to hear about.

dadshouse said...

I love your three thankful things - they are great!! Parents should not be BFF's, for sure. (And juicy booty pants should be worn by the young. Haha)

Deine Mutter said...

Sandra my dear this was one of your best posts ever.

I laughed myself silly about your pregnancy test ad evaluation, but of course my favorite was about you (blushing now) writing such nice things about me.

And you are right, I wouldn't even want to be buried in "juicy booty" pants!

Love ya my dear!