Friday, September 11, 2009

Pedophile Beards

Hi Kittens,

As you know, I love Jon Lajoie. My twisted friend Sylvan who watches his porn on his iphone, introduced him to me. I've been a fan ever since (of Jon Lajoie, not porn on the iphone you pervos). It was he who told me Jon Lajoie was performing two blocks away from me.

So Sylvan and I went and saw this dude live in February. I was sick as a dog, just took an exam I tanked, and in the middle of having to decide where to live after my roommate got laid off. It was a nice little ray of sunshine during a stressful time.

I've watched almost all of his videos, and just in awe of all the filth that comes out of his mouth at once, yet oddly inspired.

Anywhore, here is another video I thought was hilarious. Please my little furballs, move your paw over to the mouse, click, and have a listen...........

P.S: My dad has had a wierd collection of hats over the years. My brother and I recently saw him and dubbed his latest hat as the "There's gotta be something wrong with that guy, hat."


Big Mark 243 said...

I am going to check him out. This was pretty funny!

Jimmy's Journal said...

I think he's terrific. The only thing I need to do now is throw out my favorite hat and glasses and shave.


*Juliette* said...

Awww darn!
Guess I gotta get a new van now...

natalie said...

hi Senorita!
I love your blog!
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Yours Truly, natalie

Angela said...

The sound is gone on my I can't check this out - however, here is something for you where you don't need sound.
When you have a little free time, check out these pictures...I just know you'll have a lot of fun!!

Scarlet said...

M'ija, this is fantastic! You know I'm going to send that video to all my friends, right? Especially the guys!

Believe it or not, I live in South Florida and I've seen guys wear the "there's gotta be something wrong with that guy hat" in 70-degree weather. (Not that it's cool to wear it when it's cold, but there's gotta be something SERIOUSLY wrong with a guy who'll wear something like that in Miami!)

Paul Nichols said...

I was gonna tell you I have a Hats Blog. But I dunno...should I post something like that? If I tell you, will you promise I don't have to mention your "...something wrong with that guy" hat? Although I've posted one that's pretty wrong. On a woman.

mac said...

That guy is sooo funny.

I especially like "Everyday Normal Guy".

Yeah, he is kind of of filthy, that's why I like him :-)