Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Barcelona updates

Hello Everyone.

Well, at least for this week I can say that I have enough work teaching English. I hope that next week will be the same.

I went to the doctors yesterday and I have to go back and draw blood and get x-rays done. I was told that I had an appointment at 10am, and I didn´t get to see a doctor for another hour and 45 minutes. I was annoyed because I was really late for work. At least the doctor was nice and I understood everything that she said.

I am also annoyed because I have no clean clothes. In order to get clean clothes I have to wait a day because we have no dryer and we have to hang them. No one has dryers here I tried to do my laundry last night, but that didn´t happen. There was no room to hang the clothes because my roommate is using the hanger and basically told me I was pretty much out of luck. Really annoying.

I am also moving out AGAIN. A long story but I will get to it once I move.

Oh, I also wanted to say that I had a lovely weekend watching my coworker´s dog. I stayed at their place for the weekend and I walked the dog by the beach. They have an adorable dog. I also watched the last season of Sex in the City. Love that show. I am gonna buy it when I get back to CA.

Anyways, I gotta go. Ciao.

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