Wednesday, March 9, 2005


Hello Everyone,

I am trying to check my e-mail here and the computer just won´t let me.  I am a little annoyed. I am waiting for some important e-mails and I can´t read them because there is some stupid server error.

I am also waiting for my private student to call me back. He was supposed to call me after I got off work, but he still hasn´t. I was supposed to start teaching him 2 weeks ago and things keep getting in the way.

The academy still doesn´t know when classes will start. I will give it another week before I start looking elsewhere.

Last night when I went home I watched a movie about bird migration in Spanish. I know it sounds boring but it was so cute watching the birdies fly. It was relaxing because yesterday was a little stressful.

My roommate has a cat so when I was taking out food to make my dinner she started standing on her hind legs in the refrigerator looking for food and meowing. Sometimes when she knows I am in a hurry to leave for work she comes in my room and sits on my bed and she doesn´t move. She doesn´t like being picked up so I pick her up so she´ll get annoyed and leave but she still doesn´t leave.

Yesterday a little birdie flew in through one of the windows but the cat killed it and left the body under my roommate´s bed. When she got home the bird was under her bed with a mess of feathers everywhere. I guess that her instincts really kicked in. Thank God I wasn´t home to see the dead little birdie. I like birdies.

Before I went to bed I had the displeasure of hearing my neighbors have sex. Kinda reminds me of when I was living in the dorms in college. I have been here for 9 months and lived in a few different apartments and up until yesterday I haven´t had to listen to people´s encounters. My walls are kinda thin.

Anyways, I better get started on my homework. Ciao.

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