Thursday, March 3, 2005

A Cold Thursday

Hello Everyone,

Well, the weather is beginning to improve a little. It´s still cold of course, but it´s not so cold that it stings. I like that. I heard that it should get warmer in a couple of weeks.

My English is getting worse. I notice that as I say things, I say them like Spaniards would. And I am still not fluent in Spanish.

I am still enrolled in my Spanish lessons. My teacher left, and now we have a new one. I liked the old one that I had and he just left all of a sudden. I am a little sad about that. But I also like the new teacher we have now. She is so much better at explaining grammatical concepts, and I really need to get the grammar down.

We went over the different past tenses in Spanish. The difference between the imperfect and the preterite. I always confuse the two because in English putting verbs into the past is so much easier. It is a basic concept that students learn early on

I have to say that I am really sick of my telemarketing job. I just couldn´t take it today. I hate it so much, but it is my only sure way of earning enough money to stay here in the country.

I hate it because the job is crap. I also hate it even more because I am no good at it. And I don´t even want to try. I think that the job is so ridiculous that I don´t even try. My boss pulled me into his office the other day and he told me that he notices that the contacts I am giving him are no good.

He wasn´t mean to me or anything. He actually told me that he thinks that I am smart and that I have it in me to find potential investors and that I need to try harder.

But then when I go back to the phones I get rejected before I even get to finish my sentence. Many people also don´t even speak English. People that I talk to receive so many calls like this. But what I don´t get is that my coworkers are finding people and people that I talk to aren´t as receptive to me.

Anywho, I better get ready for bed. Ciao.

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