Tuesday, March 1, 2005


Hello Everyone,

Well, I thought that for sure that the snow would stay on the hill where I live. Nope, it melted by the afternoon. I also thought that it would snow heavily like it did yesterday. It didn´t either. I am a little sad because I didn´t get a picture, but my roommate did.

I was supposed to start teaching in an academy this week. That got postponed and the director doesn´t know when classes will start. Gee, thanks.

I was supposed to meet my new student today after work but he posponed the meeting at the last minute for tommorow. Well, at least he called.

I was planning to spend a nice weekend, taking care of my coworker´s dog and watching DVDs and getting paid for it. That got postponed.

I am also still waiting to get paid so I can pay the rent this month. I am also waiting for the beach weather to arrive, but I won´t hold my breath for that. Still have a few more weeks of this Artic wind going on.

I feel like I am running into so many inconveniences. I really wish I had my schedule sorted out. I need the peace of mind and I really need the money.

Anyways, better go food shopping. I am hungry.

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