Thursday, March 17, 2005

You Know you are in Barcelona when....... (Part II)

You know you are in Barcelona when..................

22.) You meet lots of people and go out a lot, but it´s hard to maintain friendships because people are busy with work or move to other cities/countries.

23.) You arrange to meet with someone and they usually show up late, call off at the last minute or stand you up. And it´s acceptable.

24.) You look around you and see so many different cultures: Pakistani, German, French, Indian, American, African, South American............. And I thought California was diverse.

25.) It is acceptable for grown men to live with their parents well into their thirties.

26.) The sun is shining most of the time, even if it is cold.

27.) You look into the palm trees and see emerald green parrots munching on the palm tree fruit.

28.) The garbage man comes around at 2am

29.) People eat dinner at around 10pm.

30.) If you are a woman men have no shame in walking up to you and telling you exactly what they want to do to you in your face.

31.) If you are looking for an apartment, most renters will only rent to women.

32.) When you rent a room in apartment you ALWAYS have to pay a deposit of one month´s rent.

33.) Many apartment buildings in the city are 100 years old. My coworker lives in an apartment that is 400 years old.

34.) There are slot machines in the cafes.

35.) There are no free refills on drinks in restaurants.

36.) You don´t have to tip your waiters.

37.) When you rent a room in an apartment, the furniture and bed are usually included.

38.) Shoes are so damn expensive, but going to the hair salon is cheap (in comparison to the US)

39.) The water is warm enough to swim in at the beaches.

40.) Mexican sombreros are sold in the tourist souvenir shops but tourists buy them anyways, thinking they are Spanish.

41.) Most phone conversations are carried out by text messaging instead of talking on the phone.



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