Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You know you are in Barcelona when.......

You know you are in Barcelona when...................................

1.) You see about one obese person per week on average. (So unlike the states)

2.) The mullet as well as those long socks are back in fashion.

3.) There so many language schools on just about every block. You want to learn German? Catalan ? French? English? You got it. And they are cheap too.

4.) Dryers are non existent here. Ya gotta wait for about a day to have dry clothes.

5.) You bag your own groceries at the store.

6.) Milk is boxed and sold on shelves. It is also very common to see pigs legs hanging in every deli and market.

7.) The regular workday is from 9am to 7pm on average with a 3-4 hour break in between.

8.) People smoke EVERYWHERE.

9.) Pickpocketing is rampant here. Just about everyone I know here has been robbed. No joke.

10.) You greet each other with a kiss on each cheek, not a hand shake.

11.) You can definitely live here without a car. There are buses, cheap taxis, trains and trams, metros and night buses. I never have any problems going to where I want.

12.) You do a lot of walking.

13.) It is common for people to piss in the streets. Especially at night.

14.) Saying goodbye takes about 5 minutes. " Vale, Venga, Hasta Luego, Deux...."

15.) People are not politically correct. If you are very fat, people look and stare. If you are white and dating a black man, people turn and stare. If you aren´t dressed properly people stare.

16.) People bump into you in the streets and don´t appologize.

17.) There is a high demand for English. The level of English here is so low.

18) Illegal investment companies are rampant here because the laws here are lax.

19.) Gay marraige is legal here

20.) There is always music in the streets and the metro from people playing for tips.

21.) Hollywood movies here are voiced over in Spanish. So awful. Watching American Pie translated into Spanish is torture.

Anything I left out ? For those of you that have been to Barcelona I wanna know what you think.


The Pipster said...

Oh boy, the mullet and boxed milk! Yeesh. But I would love to visit! Your emerald parakeet. -Pippi

Anonymous said...

There really are a lot less obese people in that city? That is remarkable, they live right.


Just telling it like it is said...

I hear that they drink a lot of wine as well...Nothing wrong with that!!