Thursday, March 24, 2005

More Updates

Hello Everyone,

Wow, I really didn´t write much this week, and I am usually really good about keeping my journals up to speed. And to Shira, thanks for the comment in my last entry. Nice to hear from you. I hope that you´re doing well.

Well, about 3 weeks ago at work one of my my most favorite coworkers who I used to eat lunch with all the time left and was replaced by a new guy. The new guy and I bonded really fast because he always laughed at my dirty jokes and insinuations and added some of his own. We´d spend lunches together and walk to the metro together and bitch about our job. ( No, we were just friends. He´s gay.) And now he just quit yesterday and now I am alone again. How come all the nicest people quit?

Well, we also got a new guy yesterday who sits next to me. Both chairs next to me have been empty so I haven´t had anyone to just lean over and chat with. Now I do, and it´s cool. The new guy is from the Czech Republic and is actually pretty hot. No, I take that back. He is REALLY hot and the other girl that sits behind me winks at me everytime I talk to him. I have been at this job for over 6 months and there was never anyone worth staring at until now. He is a nice guy but he still doesn´t replace my friend that quit yesterday. I would rather have my friend back at work. I know it sounds silly since I am the one that usually drools everytime I see a hot dude.

 I tried telling him dirty jokes but his English isn´t good enough so he didn´t find them funny. I can´t joke around with him. I also try to help him out with his English and he doesn´t want my help so I get to sit there and listen to him mess up while he is talking to managing directors of companies about investments in bad English.

I also watched Hot Chick that my mom sent me, God Bless her. I put subtitles in Spanish on so that I could see how the movie is translated. There was a lot of slang in the movie and some things just can´t be translated. Especially when there is ebonics. You can´t really translate the word "bootylicious" or "bling-bling". When movies are translated into other languages, the translation you usually get is a general idea of what the characters are saying. But if you know both languages, you´ll see that sometimes things can´t be translated properly.

Speaking of movies I went to the movies tonight and saw American Splendor. It was interesting. I went with a guy from Argentina. Last week we went to Starbucks. Argentine Spanish is a little different from the Spanish here so I am learning. There are a lot of people from Argentina here in Spain as well as other South American countries.

Anyways, I am tired, so I better get my booty off to bed. I will be going to Costa Brava for the Easter weekend. The weather has been cloudy and a little chilly lately. That kinda stinks because I was really hoping that I could go to the beach this weekend. But, I don´t think that will be happening. I hope that I at least get to enjoy some sun.

Okay, Happy Easter all :)

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