Saturday, March 19, 2005

Spain vs. California

Hello All,

I guess tax season is here for all Americans. I am somehow managing to do my taxes with my tax accoutant through fax and e-mail. Nice guy, and knows his stuff. Before him I went to H&R Block, or shall I say, H&R Cock. They are so ghetto, there is always a long wait and the accountants don´t know what the hell they are doing. They should hire me, because I could do just as bad a job with other peoples´ taxes as they do. And to add insult to injury they overcharge. And to think that I went to them 2 years in a row. You think that I would learn my lesson.

Speaking of tax accountants, mine told me that the weather is California is rainy and cold. I guess I am glad that I am not there right now. The weather here in Barcelona is starting to change and it was a beautiful day today. I didn´t even have to wear my jacket. I have been waiting for this weather for the longest time. I can´t wait to go to the beach. 

Starting Friday is the Easter holiday here in Spain as well as the rest of Europe, I think. That´s new to me because Easter in the states comes in April. That means that I have a four day weekend, and pretty much everyone will be going somewhere for vacation. I think that I will be going to Costa Brava, with is about 2 hours north of Barcelona.

Today I also bought some bootleg copies of the latest CDs. You think I am gonna pay some record company 18€ when I can buy a copy for 2.50€ ? Not on my lousy ass salary. I bought the latest J.LO CD. I know that she has no vocal talent, but the beats are awesome. I saw her CD in the store for 18€. Sorry, but her music is SO not worth that.

I have so many bootleg CDs in my CD case now. I hope that I don´t get into trouble with the customs officals when I fly back in the US. I always managed to get "randomly" stopped and groped by officials. And I don´t even remotely look black or Middle Eastern.

Anyways, I am gonna go now. I hope y'all back in the states get your taxes done on time. Here in Barcelona taxes aren´t due till June. But I also think the government charges more.

Anyways, gonna go for reals now. Ciao.

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hapygirl9 said...


Glad you are having better weather than we are in CA. It is totally raining and thundering. A couple of days ago there was a small tornadeo in San Fran! I thought those things were supposed to stay in Kansas. Oh well, at least no one died.

Hey, Easter is early here in the states too. For some reason Easter is this Sunday, not sure how that worked out.

Have a great and wonderful Easter holiday.

Talk to you soon.