Thursday, May 5, 2005

Back to Normal Updates

Hello Everyone,

Gotta say that I love the weather. It´s starting to get hotter and hotter around here. I am sweating in the mornings.

I went to a nude beach last weekend while I was walking the dog. It was my first time ever. And no, I wasn´t nude. It was packed with naked people. People just sitting and letting their junk hang. One guy was running across the beach back and forth and letting it all flop around. It was funny.

I am gonna go to the beach this weekend, but I am not going to the nude one again. Once was enough. I like walking around because there are so many people and I can buy bootleg music. I get all the latest hits for really cheap.

What else ? I had another little breakthrough yesterday. I was sitting in between to Argentine guys and observing the their conversation. I was happy because I could finally distinguish the Argentinian accent, and I could also understand what they were saying. The were looking at the newspaper and talking about soccer. They were talking about the players and who was the best. I love the Argentine accent. It is sweet, light and smooth. They also have so many funny expressions.

Although I am going home and I won´t be getting any legal papers here, I am still relieved. I am relieved that I have an answer to all this and that there is nothing more that can be done. I can go home knowing that I did everything that I could. Now I don´t have to focus anymore energy on this. What´s done is done.

I am planning on going to see the hot lawyer on Monday. I talked to the manager of the restaurant yesterday and he told me that I could still go and talk to his lawyer, so off I go.

I honestly don´t think that anything will come out of this. I am almost sure that I won´t be getting a job out of this, because the only way I could be getting a job is if they tell me to go back to CA and ask for a visa in SF and come back to Spain. And anyone who´s lived here in Spain knows that it won´t happen. But a less than 1% chance is still a chance and I´ve not nothing to lose anymore. Hell, I never really had anything to begin with.

 At least I will have a nice face to stare at.




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