Friday, May 6, 2005

What a wierd day

Hello Everyone,

Today at the end of the day at work I learned that half of my coworkers will be moving to another building. I really didn´t even get a chance to say goodbye to them. I have been there for almost 8 months and they all just left. I am kinda sad.

I also ran into 3 old coworkers today and we caught up. That was nice. We all ran into eachother at the Sephora store.

I need money this weekend to buy food and my stupid bank booklet somehow lost its magnetization. So now I can´t take out money. So therefore I am broke for the whole damn weekend. And my metro pass expires tommorow. I won´t even have a way to get to work on Monday. I hope that my roommate can lend me 20€. I have to wait until my lunch break on Monday to fix this.

I was also late to teach my student. So I tried to call him and tell him that I would be a little late. But My phone just wouldn´t connect me. I kept dialing his number and turning the phone off and on again. So not only could I not call anyone, but I can´t even take out any money for me to enjoy the weekend.

I was a little stressed out when I got to my student´s house and running up four flights of stairs didn´t make me seem any more relaxed. So when I got to his place I seemed pretty frazzled, especially when I was appologizing profusely about being late. Then he decided to give me what he called "friendly advice". He told me that I should relax and not appear so nervous. And that other people would pick up on that and that I shouldn´t be so frazzled. I know that he meant well, but I was still a little agitated.

I smiled and pretended to listen. While he was talking to me and telling me to relax, I imagined myself telling him to go play on the highway. Just picturing that made my heart skip a beat with joy. So therefore we were both happy because he thinks that I took his advice to heart and I imagined him getting run over.

And if that weren´t enough he cut the class short and payed me half. This man is a business owner and he won´t even be a little generous with one or two euros. I am sick of this. I could try to find other students but people keep canceling on me. At least this man has been keeping his appointments so far and is easy to teach.

I am glad that the weekend is here. I really want to sleep in.

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