Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bad, bad service here

Hello Everyone,

I am supposed to be a tourist, doing touristy things, but I am not. I have been sleeping in and watching music TV.

Today I went to send more stuff home. I went to the post office down the street from my apt. I get there and I ask the guy nicely for a box. He just looks at me and strongly tells me "no". Turns out they were out. They ran out on Saturday. It´s Wednesday and they STILL haven´t gotten any in. Go figure. I am in Spain, not the US.

Anyways, I asked the jerk where there would be another office nearby and he tells me. Turns out he gave me bad directions. So I tried walking further, because I coulda sworn there was a post office on the street. Turns out it was way farther away than I thought. Way, way farther.............

I finally ask a policeman and I found one and sent my stuff home.

I also have to add that our washmachine broke yesterday. Okay, I can deal with the fact that I´ve had no dryer all year and have had to wait a day or two to wait for the clothes to dry. I can even deal with the fact that doing a load here takes 2 hours instead of 1 hour. But to have nothing at all? Now that stinks. Now I am gonna have to wash my clothes by hand. I have no clue where the nearest landromat is.

This is my last week here and I would like to pack clean clothes. Luckily I have enough clean clothes to last me until I leave. My roommate told me that she´d call a repairman to come fix it, but we know it´ll probably take a week or two. And knowing my roommate, I think she´ll forget. Plus I was told it would cost about 600 Euros to fix.

I swear, service here absolutely sucks. I am so friggin´ tired of it. We have to pay 1st rate prices for 3rd rate service.

Anyways, enough venting for now. I am gonna go change my shoes and go shopping. Gotta by souvenirs for my family.

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wopester08 said...

Hello good job on your tales,anger its there ,laughing this just made my day,bet your pretty in pink,have fun on your vacation,always Roger