Monday, May 16, 2005

Sunday and Holiday

Hello Everyone,

Well, yesterday was Sunday and I had fun for the most part. The soccer team Barça won on Saturday night so there were fireworks in the street late at night. People were honking their horns in the street. It was mad.

Yesterday people were parading the streets with the flag of the team and the flag of Catalonia. People were honking their horns like crazy. I was walking by the stadium where the players were headed. I saw the bus that they were gonna ride in. Pretty cool. The streets were so packed. You woulda thought that the country had won the war. Soccer here is like American football. People would sell their mothers for this.

I also went bowling and I had fun. All the machines were in English. I got one strike. Many times I also knocked down all of the pins except one. My friend beat me of course and knocked many strikes.

I also have a new stalker. It´s not worth getting into much here because I vented about this before. But those of you that know me personally know exactly who I am talking about. He decided to call me and I told him that I didn´t feel like seeing him again. So he texted me and insulted me. And then he decided to call me later and cry. I had my friend answer the phone and he just picked it up and listened and he was crying. In total he tried to call me about 20 times. Then he decided to write me an e-mail this morning telling me that he´s so in love with me and that he will always reflect on the happy moments that we had together and that he wishes me the best.

I never once kissed this man, never once did anything with him. I used to live with him. I never had a relationship with him and I made it clear that I don´t want to go out with him. This is so pathetic. I am not mean about it. I just avoid his calls now and don´t respond. I am really glad that I am going home soon.

Well, on another note today is Monday and it is a holiday here in Barcelona so I don´t have to work. I am happy about that. I am thinking about being a tourist again and taking the touristic bus ride. But knowing me, I´ll probably be lazy and stay at home all day.

Okay, have a good week, y'all.




eternallife23 said...

I just found your journal from Jessi. Looks pretty interesting. What holiday is it there? *Louise*

poodlebane5 said...

Yo Sandra... be sure not to tell this guy when your departure date is.  He might cause a scene at the airport or worse.  Make sure that close friends take you to the airport and are with you until you pass security.  Most stalkers are harmless, but there is a percentage that are not.  Love, Dad