Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy Memorial Day to all you Americans :)

Hello Everyone,

Today I went to a school today to see what it would take to be accepted into the MBA program. This is the third campus I´ve toured. Very good school. They are 8th on the list as the best schools to get an MBA in Europe.

Nice tour. Nice Admissions people. But I am not qualified still. I still have to have at least 2 solid years of working experience before they will even think about accepting me into the program. Not only that, but the program is so darn expensive. About 50,000 € for 18 months.

This is something that I am gonna be thinking about four at least another 2 years.

After the tour I went to the Hard Rock Cafe. Good food. I had a chicken burger and for desert I had a chocolate chip pie with ice cream. I am still full.

I also went shopping for makeup. Loreal makeup is sold at Walmart and regular shopping stores in the states. Here in Spain it is sold in fancier stores such as Sephora and you can find it next to Chanel or Lancome. Wierd. With that said, it is way more expensive than in the states. But, I still couldn´t help myself. I haven´t bought new foundation since way before I came here to Spain. It´s been over a year.

Tommorow is Saturday and I don´t really know what I am gonna do. I think that I am gonna go to the beach. Whatever I do I better enjoy myself because it´s my last week here in Spain. I just hope that I don´t spend all day at home.

I was reminded that this upcoming weekend is Memorial Day. That probably means barbecues for thousands of Americans.

Here is Barcelona it´s rare to have barbecues because we all live in apartments. But I was lucky because one of my American coworkers has a private patio on the top floor so we got to eat ribs and not worry about anyone complaining.

Okay, enjoy the weekend y'all. Ciao.

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