Thursday, May 26, 2005

My lovely day :)

Hello there my lovelies....................

Today I got out of the house all day. I first went to the chocolate museum here in Barcelona and did some drooling. I also bought some chocolate for myself and my Aunt. Sorry mom, i´d eat it before it even gets to you in the states. I´ll have to bring you some back from Austria.

Then I took a little boat ride in Port Vell. Very, very nice. I took lots of pictures and sailed right past my old work office. I used to work in the Barcelona World Trade Center. Very nice building. I saw my old coworkers smoking in the balcony as our boat was passing by. I saw lots of cruise ships. I also sat in some bird shit, but luckily the woman next to me gave me a cloth to clean up.

Then I went to teach my private student for the last time. Very nice guy, and never cancelled on me. He was the best student I had the whole time.

I also forgot to mention that I did some shopping. I bought a nice coin belt for bellydancing and it was really cheap. I decided to wear it in public after I bought it. Some people stared, and some American tourists said that they saw people wearing them in Granada.

On my way back my stalker sent me a text message. He also sent me one yesterday. He knows better than to call me, because I always hang up.The dude just won´t stop trying to talk to me. I mean, I don´t know if I should really call him my stalker because he hasn´t gone so far as following me yet. However I wouldn´t be surprised if he did. He once skipped work and came all the way down to my job ( 40 min from where he lives ) just because he had a bad premonition about me, when in reality nothing bad was happening.

I have just asked him to leave me alone and sometimes I don´t even text anything back. He better not call me or decide to show up in front of my apartment because if he does I am gonna get him so good.

I just wish that he´d forget about me because that´s what I am doing about him. I really have no reason to talk to him. He is convinced that I love him despite me telling him I never want to see him again. Despite the fact that I never did so much as lay a hand on him. He thinks that if he can convince me to see him one more time that I´ll remember my supposed love for him and then we´ll fly off together in the sky, live happily ever after and make a thousand babies.

On another note, I would like to comment that the people here in Barcelona that rent out apartments are so messed up.

The owner of the apartment we live in is an old crochety geezer. He told my roommate before she moved in that there was a dvd player and a music system. Turns out that we have an old ass VHS player that is broken. The supposed music system consists of two huge speakers that are connected to only God knows where.

Thats not all. The friggin´ washer broke. Now this piece of crap was old and used many times before we moved in. Now he tries to tell us that it was brand new when we moved in. Hell, we couldn´t even use the dish washer. You she see the place. It´s old, and all the furniture and appliances are old.

So what does this mean for my roommate ? Well, she put down a deposit of about 3,000€. The owner is going to pocket all of this money, if not most. I am so glad I rent my room, and not the whole apartment. I am also glad that my previous roommates have always returned my deposit or simply not charged me.

Anyways, enough for now. Tommorow is another day or being a trourist.

Ta ta.

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