Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hello All,

First of all yesterday was wonderful. I went with my roommate to Girona. VERY beautiful. Not only was it a holiday in Barcelona ( 2nd Easter), but it was also the Festival of Flowers. I took so many pictures. The city was so beautiful and so much cleaner than Barcelona.

Today was rainy and cold. It´s the middle of May for crying out loud. And since my bank book wouldn´t give me my money all weekend I had to go today during my lunch break.

The wait was long, and i missed out on time to eat. I also went to get money transferred but the banker couldn´t read the numbers properly. That´s Spain for ya.

My bosses are also assholes and they are moving the office. They weren´t even gonna tell us until the last minute. But we made them tell us to our face.

I also looked at grad schools here. I´ll write more about that later.


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