Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sunday in Sitges

Hello there my lovelies..................

Today was nice. My roommate got me out of bed and we took a train to Sitges today. It was a very nice day and I got some really good pictures out of it. Days like this here in Spain make me never want to leave. However, I tend to have more bad than good days here. Having weeks of hell but only having weekends of fun isn't worth it anymore.

In Sitges we walked around and took pictures. We also met this really hunky guy on the beach and took pictures of him. While my roommate was shouting lines at him I was snapping my camera. Now I just don't snap pictures of strangers but he was our exception. Really nice guy too.

Sitges is probably the gay capital of Europe. We didn't expect to run into any straight guys and we managed to talk to two. The hunky guy on the beach and the bartender. Both invited us to go out. We were gonna tonight, but my roomate has to work tommorow and I don't wanna go alone.

I have two more days left here in Barcelona. I have to send another box of shit home. I have already sent a lot. I am gonna send magazines and newspaper articles. I know it seems excessive but those newspapers contain some articles of the most important issues during my stay and I want to remember my time here.

Anyways, I am gonna get ready for bed now. Ciao.

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nd530 said...

Want say you take some beautiful photos!! Hope you enjoyed your trip.