Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hello there my lovelies,

Yesterday was not so bad. I went to see the play Real Women Have Curves. I mentioned earlier that I saw the movie which won an award. The movie was set in Los Angeles. This play more or less had the same storyline, but the play was set in Spain to adapt to the culture here. I liked the movie better, but the actresses did a wonderful job.

I also went out with my roommate to a bar, the Buddha Lounge. We dressed up and had a good time. I haven´t dressed up like that in a long time. My roommate lend me her pair of Coach shoes. They were so high that I could barely walk. We arrived early so that we could be sure to have a couch to sit on. We talked among ourselves for a while until some guy used our peanut plate as an ashtray. Turned out he was a multimillionaire from Norway here to see the soccer match. 

 He was with 2 other guys who were investors and he was their biggest client (one of the biggest investors in Norway) to see the soccer game here. The client was a really nice, down to earth guy and made no references whatsoever to his money, which I liked.

Here most people that I hang out with have no job, have the same job as me or have a dishonest job. It was finally nice to meet successful people again. I have also never gotten to speak to people from Norway so it was nice.

Right now I am in Sitges and I spent time on the beach sleeping after I ate a huge Paella. Now I am just writing this in the internet cafe.

Tommorow is my last day at work. I will be so happy once I get paid and walk out that door for good. I can´t believe that I spent nine months there. In fact I don´t know how I worked there for that long without losing my mind.


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