Saturday, May 28, 2005

Weekend happenings

Hello Everyone,

Well, I didn´t get out of the house today. I stayed in and cooked and organized my stuff to pack home. I also worked on my photo albums. I took some nice pictures and spent lots of money on the albums and supplies. It´s coming out nicely.

I also washed my clothes by hand. Our washer is broken so I had to do it myself. Interesting. At least I´ll have clean clothes. We have really grumpy neighbors. So I let my clothes drip water down to their apartment. They have a plastic cover so I don´t think I caused any problems, but if they bitch to us I´ll do it again. I am sick of the old, grumpy neighbors here. They always feel that they´re entitled. Sometimes my weekend sleepins are disturbed by hammering at 9am in the morning.

Our apartment is slowly falling apart. The washer and dishwasher are broken. The VCR is broken. The speakers don´t work. The furniture has been around since the Franco era. I am so happy I am moving out.

I was gonna go to the beach today, but I was too lazy to get my butt out of bed. Last night I went out to the Budha Bar, a very nice bar here in Barcelona with other locations in Paris and NY. My friend was trying to take out money for a taxi but her bank booklet got eaten so we had to pay in coins. And because she doesn´t have any money we couldn´t go out tonight.

We were dancing last night I saw this American guy dancing like a maniac, jumping and shouting. He was a bad dancer, but he was having so much fun that he was contagious and I danced with him for a while. He was dancing for three whole hours. He was with other people and they invited my friend and I for some nice champagne. Nice night overall.

Tommorow is Sunday and I will be getting out of the house for sure to enjoy the Barcelona sun.

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