Tuesday, June 28, 2005

And the search continues

Hello Everyone,

Well, Pitney Bowes e-mailed me back and told me that they didn't select me for the next step in the hiring process. I dunno if he sent me a pre-made e-mail but he told me that I do have a lot of qualities employers look for. I wish that he woulda told me the unfavorable quality that made him not hire me. He would be doing me a favor. But I also know that they have to be politically correct and that they don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings.

This kinda bites because I was really hoping for that job. I have been getting lots of calls for interviews but I keep getting turned down in the end. I didn't realize just how hard and competitive that this is going to be. I have been making mistakes in the beginning, and I am not starting to see that and correct them. I think I am improving.

My old boss used to work in sales and she told me that something will happen sooner or later. She told me a friend of hers was looking for a job in HR for 6 months. So I know that things may be a while, but that something's gotta happen for me.

Anyways, it's morning now and I better continue the search.


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