Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So so so annoying

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I am on for the 2nd time today. Last week I got a lot of interviews in. This week no one has been calling me back.

I have no job, car, money.................... So do you know the agony of not receiving a single damn phone call ? All day ? Yesterday and today ??? What is up with that? I sent lots of e-mails out. No takers.

I can handle it if a dude doesn't call me back. That's fine. But when companies ignore me altogether ?? That's brutal.

The only thing I can do is just keep trying and going on interviews. And I am doing just that. But I have to admit that this gets frustrating at times.

For one, I don't just have the luxury of waiting for the perfect job. I need an income. If I pick up some crappy job, yeah I can always leave it. But then I could end up leaving on bad terms with the company by leaving so fast. Either that or by putting lots of energy into the crappy job, I miss out on good opportunities.

And another thing. I am new to all this. I don't really know what's out there. How do I know that if the job I am applying for is the best I can do ? How do I know that I am not going to pick a company where I will be completely miserable? Being miserable in a job is so not worth it.

All of this confuses me. I hope I'll eventually get it right.




sinnermeetevil said...

post a resume on hotjobs, monsters and career builders.com i did that and had jobs calling me all the time. til this day they call.



mystiktb said...

Hi  you can always go to a temp service and get a job.So if you decided to leave for another job it won't look bad,because its placement and understandable.Gosh i hate those places though.Keep looking and goodluck.

jcrazytrain said...

Something will happen for you soon I just know it:o) Thanx for giving me the OK for a break :o)

happinessdreams said...

Hey. I just started reading your journal and I think its really cool. I just graduated from college and I totally know how you feel. Something will come your way soon.