Thursday, June 30, 2005

What's on my mind

Hello Everyone,

Today I started part time job as a receptionist. It is temporary and they are flexible to my interviewing needs. It just felt good knowing that I would have some money.

I have been tearing myself apart and driving myself crazy with all this job searching. Especially because I am so desparate for work. When you are as desparate as I am for a job people can sense that right away and don't really want to hire you. It's kinda like dating I guess. So what am I gonna do about all this? Get a job. Any job.

I have been thinking and maybe I should just chill out for a while. Get a waitressing job or one without too many qualifications. That should bring money a little money in the bank. Then I start planning for the big job while I have money in the bank. Right now I am just stressing about paying the bills. I just need to ease my financial worries.

As you all know, the weather is getting hotter. I love that. I love wearing little shirts, shorts, sandals, skirts. I missed the hot weather especially since it was so cold for a while in Barcelona. My friends there tell me they are frying.

I better go. I'll talk to ya later.




jcrazytrain said...

Great news a job is better than no job:o) Hope it works out for you.

jcrazytrain said...

hahaha mullets!

myheartsaysso2 said...

You could always do tutoring in Spanish on the side if you have mastered the language by now .. or German? You speak that too right? I've done tutoring myself for kids and have made up to $30 bucks an hr and they come to me! lol* You could also put ina resume at your local police dept.. sometimes they need translation work..Or how about a nanny type job.. if you like kids of course.. you can make good money on the books! ;) Mel

happinessdreams said...

Well, that job is definetely a start and puts some money in the bank. I love the summer, I'm all about the skirts, dresses, sandals. I love my summer style more than winter.