Sunday, June 14, 2009

Deja- WTF !!!

Hello There My Lovelies,

So I was in search for my next manslation last night. I was just scrolling down and reading the usual ads of the "sincere" married dudes looking for pootang, or the guys offering women financial a$$istance in exchange for "companionship" when I stumbled along the following prize:

TITLE: Creeper alert, red flag!!

Beware of this very rude, and disrespectful guy. He's been on CL for years, with the same pics and pretty much the same posts. He changes his age from 35 going backwards to 33! his deal is that he likes what he likes(small petite asians prefferably) , and that's ok, but if you're not anything that he likes, boy is he rude about it. He will also tell you almost immediately of his fantasy to mess around on your front porch, or front lawn. He's really rude, not nice about a thing, and his pics are old and he lies about his age. I think that's enough to continue flagging the douche!
I was like OMG !! I know that guy !! I've actually talked to him before !! He has been on as well as Yahoo Personals. The first time I saw him was 3 years ago on Match. He wasn't that rude, and in that pic he is good looking to me and his profile wasn't bad. We emailed and he left me one voicemail, and then I never heard from again.
Fast foward to later last year around August. I was on Yahoo Personals, and I see this pic again. He says I look familiar, and we e-mail each other, and this time he was a bonafide douche nozzle. I think he asked me a few questions about my body, and then he immediately told me about his fantasy to mess around on the front porch or my lawn, and then told me to chime in with my fantasies. I just deleted him. My neighborhood at the time was ghettofabulous so it would've been fun to have him "meet me" but instead instruct him to the wrong street and have him stand out there.
Had I been paying attention, I would've noticed that he's been 35-33 for the past 3 years. And I would've questioned why he used the same pics over and over.
Also, any man that states he is a good cuddler and listener up front in his profile isn't really that sincere. Sincerely wants to get in your pants, yes, but sincerely wants to get to know you, no.


Big Mark 243 said...

Now THAT would have been fun!

I flat out live in a hood rat block, and I wouldn't ever invite someone over after 5 pm!

Boy, the 'homies' would have loved it if he asked for your address ... better yet, GIVE him the wrong address that ISN'T the wrong address!

Now THAT would have been funny!

Myra said...

This is someone to stay away from definitely! What a jerk! He's probably full of cooties, too!

Loving Annie said...

That's what I find so loathsome about internet profiles - the utter lack of sincerity on some people's parts. Yuck.

Scarlet said...

Guys know all the right lines (and the right profile pic) to get a woman's attention. Players know how to play the game and that's a shame because he does look good in that photo. Wow!