Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spiritual Tool Seeks Mating Partner

Well Hello There My Little Secret Squirrels,

Another manslation is in order. As usual, my manslations are in bold.

TITLE: Spiritual guys seeks mature match :)

Reply to: pers-wqfer-1230468112@craigslist.orgDate: 2009-06-19, 7:52PM

Greetings ! I believe someone somewhere is made for all of us. however I am still searching for my someone :D 27 male Indian dude with average frame skinny, seeking a long term relationship with a romantic, mature lady in the age range of 30 to 45 yrs A spiritual version of Stifler's mom would be hawt !, slender to average frame, good heart and interested in long term relationship. I am looking to find my soulmate for heart-mind-body-soul union I also wanna bang your mind and soul. All races and religions welcome. Please be free from disease, criminal record, legal issues and drama. Being spiritual is a big plus as I can't afford to be choosy. I am on the path of spiritual development, seeking to be a healer and intuitive guide I wanna heal you before I bang you. The past 8 months I have witnessed turbulence energetically, emotionally and spiritually that has led me to the realization of my gifts and opened me to the immense possibilities of the spiritual realm I have no idea what I am talking about, the only gift I really have is in my pants, wanna see ?. The path of spiritual development/awakening that takes up a lot of my time and I would appreciate finding a match that has affinity/inclination towards spirituality. I hope this doesnt freak you out as I am just another guy-next-door and here is something about me - I am well read I read the news online, like outdoorsy activities - hiking, camping, running, soccer; relish fine-dining and bar hopping spiritual dudes gotta get their drink on, BBQs, some cooking; enjoy watchin movies - comedies, action, thrillers, drama, romantic and of late eye-opening documentaries, listening to music - rock, fusion, indian, of late hip-hop and some latino; am interested in spirituality, cultures, world news, social news networking, gadgets I drive a Prius and have an iPhone and technology and more. I drink socially and dont smoke or do drugs and am looking for the same because I am a trip by myself. I am romantic, love hugs, walks at dusk and onwards, cuddling, titillations, kissing, sensual massages and all things romantic I will try to touch your naughty parts every chance I get, especially outdoors. I am just another normal person who has been experiencing paranormal/spiritual phenomena since childhood I hear voices in my head and after years of supressing, recently realized it as a gift that shouldnt be shunned and rather developed for improvement of personal life and help people in my life I will convince you that you hear voices. I have been looking for female companionship beginning with get2know like a casual hangout buddy, then see how the chemistry develops and see where it takes. I dont prefer the pre-meditated try-to impress dating scene that manifests itself by way of facades and rather like the direct approach to know each other on an as-is basis Basically, I won't even try to take you out and get to know you, I will just directly ask you to have sex with me.. Well thats something about me ... dont wanna bore u with an essay ..lolz I'm a grown man and have resorted to saying LOLZ. So if you are interested lets exchange emails and get to know each other. I have pics and number that I will share with the right person. Thanks for reading, good luck with your endeavors and God Bless ! Cheers ! Namaste !


Big Mark 243 said...

too funny ...

Loving Annie said...

ha-ha-ha, once again Senorita you have done a brilliant analysis - love it !!!!!!