Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jesus H, Holy Mother of God !

Above: Our douche of the day probably looked like this back in his prime
Below : 1994 Crysler LeBaron Pimpmobile, just missing the man with a pornostache

Hello There My Lovelies,

I came across an intersting ad on Craigslist. While I read it my jaw fell to the floor, you just can't make this shit up I tell you. I've ripped on the white dudes that chase the Asian chicas. But that's because there are so many of these ads on Craigslist, and many of these boys are simply ignorant. There is a difference between genuinely liking someone or being attracted to a different ethnic group (me encanta los hombres latinos), and then there is going after a certain group soley based on stereotypes and ignorant notions. I think the latter is ridiculous so I choose to poke fun at it.

I've lived in the SF Bay Area since I was 5. I've also been raised in a Korean background for about 20 years due to my family studying the martial arts. I may not speak fluent Korean, but I've watched Korean soap operas, been to Seoul, taken martial arts, my mom remarried in a Korean wedding, I've attended Korean church sermons, and I absolutely love Korean cuisine. I know the Korean national anthem.

Here in the SF Bay Area there are tons of other Asian communities, and I've become familiar with some of them as well, especially the Vietnamese culture, as many of them fled their country and came here in the 198os.

With that said, I can spot the white dudes that are after the Asian chicks based on the "stereotype". The stereotype that they are quiet, submissive and ready to serve their men hand and foot. A stereotype I don't think is true, as I've seen things differently and gotten a better understanding of the culture.

Anyway, below is the ad of the man who took his fetish to the total extreme where it sounds racist. I've never seen an ad quite like this. He is in his fifties, and I think he probably fought in the Vietnam War or his dad fought in the Korean War.

Honestly, I can't think of many witty lines to insert in there, so I will just leave most of the little manslation pearls at the end........................

E Voila !

Looking for China DollReply to: pers-awbus-1211504297@craigslist.orgDate: 2009-06-08, 11:21AM

White Master of 52 years of age looking for my personal China Doll 25-40 I assume they are all from China. You came to this country or born here and was taught to serve and be obedient to an American man The hookers abroad told me they live to serve white men, so it must be true. You will not need to work and your education at SF State or UC Berkeley is not important because if you fall for me you are a dumb ass anyway. All that is required is that you stay home, clean and cook while you wait for me to come home, and often will play a role in which I will provide the clothing. It can be sexy lingerie and thongs, a naughty Japanese school girl or be nude only wearing a blond wig (unless you already dyed your hair blonde like most girls of the Orient do) . All you have to do is wear what I require of you by the time I get home but it is important that you finish all the chores I give you each day. You will be allowed to wear your traditional kimono or karate outfit if desired. Most Asian women don't do karate, dipshit You can entertain me while I eat the meals you prepare for me by playing the piano or violin which you were taught at a young age. I will teach you to cook American food and use American utensils (fork, spoon, knife) can I shove a chopstick up your nose ? and become more Westernized while you teach me about Oriental customs with your exotic massages and foot rubs. You will be taught to drive an American classic car (Chrysler LeBaron UGLY only pervs with pornstaches drive that)PROPERLY, which you can show off to your friends but cannot drive your family to chinatown or pick up recycle cans in the neighborhood Oh no he did not go there !. I keep my cars clean. If you have friends, they too can keep you company and are welcomed to my home and help keep my house clean and can wait for me to come home each day patiently and I will reward you both physically after I take the blue pill, I have a small penis. It's a traditional custom that an American man have an obedient China Doll from the orient Thats what all men from the 1970s with pornstaches say. We were both ( with your firend sisiter or even both) are meant to live in harmony. Oriental mothers with legal aged daughter always a pleasant welcome.


1.) I am an old Vietnam Vet, and too set in my ways to accept the change in the world.

2.) I watched too many Bruce Lee and other Kung Fu films

3.) I want a girlfriend like the one from Full Metal Jacket
4.) I've also always wanted to nail the girl in Karate Kid.
5.) I have an extensive Yellow Fever porno collection and sometimes don't leave the house.

6.) I'm a frequent guest at all the San Francisco illegal massage parlours and all the trafficked girls say they love me and I actually believe they really love and worship me.


Big Mark 243 said...

This is so tacky and stereotypically racist, that I am beyond comment.

I do wonder WHO this cat has been with AND if anyone ever gives him time.

PorkStar said...

That dude should get a China doll hang him from his nuts.. what a geriatric douchebag.... ugh... makes me want to puke in his bald head. I imagine he's bald.

Fcuken loser.

PorkStar said...

Ok I meant to puke ON his head. However, cutting open his skull and barfing IN it, wouldnt be a bad idea after all.