Thursday, June 18, 2009

Desert Dance

Hello There My Lovelies,

I just got the flier for the annual Desert Dance Festival. It's been almost 3 years since I last danced in that. Basically, it's a bellydance fair in Santa Clara and there will be a ton of performers and vendors and bad food.

I did go to the one last year and ran into an old troupe member and caught up with her. I also saw a psychic there for fun because it was fairly cheap. You totally get what you pay for. She told me stuff I would've told anyone else there. She told me I love to dance and that I take on a different energy when I dance, that I look like a mermaid. She also said that I am like home in the water.

1.) I was at a bellydance festival so yeah, I do love to dance, great guess Sherlock !

2.) I hate being in water unless I am bathing. Water isn't even my element, it's fire. She didn't even know that and I gave her my birthday.

Anywho, I have been selecting the music for my next routine. I would like to do the double veils this time. I usually dance with the sword or just one veil. This time I would like to do the double veil. The faire is in September, and I hope that I secure a spot.

Of course, all of you that reside here in the SF Bay would me more than welcome to come and see.

Attached is a pic of me twirling with the double veil a few years ago. I usually smile when I do it, I guess the photographer got me at a serious moment. This was taken by Andrew Casteel, as was the picture in my header with the sword.

The picture in my header was taken in San Francisco at a Burning Man event called Hookahdome. It was loads of fun, and I didn't have to pay the entrance fee because I was one of the performers. Plus I got to smoke all the hookah I wanted. After smoking myself out I remember going to Jack in the Box after for junk food at 2-3am.

Good times my lovelies, good times.


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of you! It's my favorite time. I'll never forget watching you dance with the 2 veils....beautiful! But then, you ARE beautiful!

Myra said...

You are a beautiful woman, and the pics of you dancing, give you a surreal look, like you are so into it. What is hookah?

Diane aka Lucky Begoinia said...

Happy Friday...1st I wanted to thank you for but one of the few to read my blog and take the time to comment on your thoughts.....after nudged me about not giving up bellydancing I have been pondering it.....I called my Studio and spoke to "ISIS" herself....boy was I scared.....I was calling to see how she felt about me returning and if she welcomed it would I be able to go back to the level that I had advanced to.....she told me she had missed me so much and would love for me to come...kind of like the prodigal daughther : ) anyway I will most likely start back in July....the studio is all focused right now on preparing dances at Ya Hall Y (Zoe Jakes and Bozenka are going to be there) all in mid August.... so I plan to go back with very low demands on for the love of dance....not to get caught up in the competitiveness or worry about testing out to go to the next high level...Dance for the love of .... what a concept..Have a great Weekend! Diane aka Lucky Begonia

Lucky Begonia said...

I was trying to correct a word and messed it up .... oops it should have read Ya Halla Y'all sorry

PorkStar said...

That is such a great picture. It shows a lot of grace in your dance.