Monday, June 1, 2009

Time flies

Hello There My Lovelies,

I can't believe that it's already June. It's crazy. This year is passing me by so quickly.

I am happy that summer is just a couple of weeks away. So is my graduation for that matter.

I graduated from the university 5 years ago. A week or two ago I saw the article about the San Jose State commencement ceremony. It brought me back to my graduation. I will post the pictures later. It was a happy time in my life. A couple of weeks after that I was off to Barcelona.

Now 5 years later, I am getting my paralegal certificate.

I still have the travel bug. I swear, if I didn't have my car to pay off, and I had some vacation time, I would definitely be planning a trip somewhere. I just think that there is a lot of world out there that I still haven't discovered.

I also forgot to mention that my 10 year high school reunion is coming up this year in September. It is so hard to believe that the past ten years just flew by. I heard that a lot of my classmates got divorced. Many moved out of state. One of my classmates became Miss California and competed for the title of Miss USA.

I wonder what the next ten years will bring.


dadshouse said...

You had a Miss California classmate? Small world! I don't know that any of my classmates achieved any sort of notoriety. But I do know it happens.

Time flies, indeed.

SE said...

Time does seem to go by faster and faster as the years go by. I too can't believe it's already June!

I have vacation time that I'm taking in a couple of weeks (a whole week off!) but I'm not going anywhere special. I'll probably just catch up on some reading and lounge around watching television or something.