Monday, June 22, 2009

Would you sleep with this guy ?

Hello There My Lovelies,

Time for another manslation ! To this man's credit, at least he posted a picture of himself. I kinda wish he didn't.

Without further ado, manslations are in bold.........

TITLE : Here Kinky Kitty!

Hi Ladies, Yes, I know this is the LTR section and I'm posting here exactly for this reason. One of the qualities I desire in my Partner-for-Life is an interest in exploring our sexuality, in particular, Tantra and D/s( dominance and submission) Kink. I'm the older white dude in the back of every yoga/tantric class. This being said, some of the other qualities which are inherent are: intelligence, education, sophistication, femininity and a high libido. High libido is most important.I am 50, about five-foot-nine.five or so, 185 to 190, STD free, divorced several years, out of a long-term post-divorce relationship about a year now and am looking for my last first date ... .. .

I am a part-time dad, a hard-working professional and a nice person. Here pretty girl, would you like some candy ?I just also happen to be very Dom in the bedroom; looking for a PARTNER by day and a Willful Submissive by night ... I will find every excuse in the book to spank you and call you a bad little girl. Oh ... yes, one more thing, you should smoke cigarettes and know how to do so very, very seductively. What I am trying to say, is you should pretend the cigarette is my penis.. You should also be fine with 420; I smoke medical for a very good reason ::cough::bullshit::cough:: ... I was in a serious accident a few years ago and, well ... .. . things hurt. I ran with a hard on and accidentally slammed into a telephone pole.

Now, I am for real; I've learned many of you women are "looky-lou's" and once you see what I can deliver, well, you're not really ready. Maybe they don't like being called kinky kitty ?So, IF you're interested, please respond and I will then send (other, more kinky) photos! Basically, pictures of my penis from every angle and maybe even my taint ;).

SPAM-BOT WARNING ... I have posted enough I recognized all the various spam-bot messages ... so, please, if you're thinking you can get me to sign-up at a web-site to see your picture, well, it's not gonna happen. Most of those photos are of young girls who are nothing but skin and bones anyway ... I'm a Man and I'm looking for a Woman. Sounds like he ended up looking after all.


Big Mark 243 said...

Cats that are into finding that dom/submissive thing, worry me. They are driven by deep, haven't been hugged since they were a child, kinds of troubles.

And the back of the class thing, is PRECISELY why I have never been in one ... no matter what a cat would do, he is going to be THAT guy ..!

Loving Annie said...

To answer your question, Senorita : Not in a million years - ugh.

dadshouse said...

Haha. I bet he loves to spank. I like the cigarette part - a girl with an oral fixation will give some awesome head, no? :-)