Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hey Baby, Hows About a Bad Boy ?

Hello There My Babies,

Manslation time !! As usual, my manslations are in bold.

Title: Checkered Past, Inspired Future, Partner In Crime

Have had a colorful and checkered past I recently got out of prison, and now seeking to bring together all my passions and interests in an integrated way, to live a life of inspired vision. I am looking for a woman to take care of me sexually and financially since no one will hire me or rent to me. This inspired vision also seeks a partner in crime no, seriously, an equal who is a friend, lover, muse, confidant and expects the same in return. We would both have our own lives and passions you look the other way when I deal in your house, yet we would be able to serve the other's needs and passion while I'm high as a kite, I want us to bang our brains out. Be it a shoulder to lean occasionally, or fuel the desire to even more depths of heart and soul, or to be the inspiration that ignites the world inspiration igniting the world my ass, I just want to ignite myself in your pants. Have been blessed with extensive and expensive education in prison thanks to the taxpayer, to have had a very checkered history that brings many different perspectives into life you will need a different perspective to understand all the stuff I've done, to have a small group of great friends other felons, and actively working on bringing more meaning to life. Seeking a friend and perhaps more friend with bennies to unfold together on this journey as we will be unfolding eachother all night long. When you write back let me know what prompted you to write back and we will go from there.


Angela said...

Oh my God, I was laughing so hard I literally fell off my chair! I say this about each of your manslations, but this has got to be the best one ever.
My belly still aches from all the laughing....can't wait to see your next master piece.

Keep up the great literary work my dear! You provide me with lots of healthy laughs!

Love, Mom

Loving Annie said...

Oh this made me laugh so hard ! Thanks for a great start to a Tuesday morning with another of your sagacious and hysterically funny man-translations, Senorita !